Thursday, 7 March 2013

primark disco pant review

 Primark disco pant dupe £16
                              AA disco pants £70                    Topshop dupes £30

I thought I'd review the Primark disco pant dupes as my previous AA vs Topshop post was so popular! See here. I'm not going to go too far into it as I did previously as I imagine hundreds of others have done a similar post!
I was very pleasantly surprised by the Primark dupes. For £16 you get a pair of jet black, relatively thick, disco pants. They sit at a good height on the waist, although not as high as the AA version and are a very true black, much like the AA pair. The material is obviously a lot thinner and they don't have the sucking in power the American Apparel have mastered so well, but they do pull you in to a certain extent. The pants are also really long, they even bunched up on me and I wear a 34'' leg. I think this is a plus as out of the three pairs of AA ones I've had, two have been too short. The pockets are very small, much like the Topshop pair, which I think is unflattering, although the taught-ness of the fabric does compensate for this and I don't think my butt looks that bad! (Considering I don't really have one...) Because of the fabric being so thin, they are a nightmare when it comes to underwear, as I'm sure you can tell. I also don't think they are as generally flattering on me as I have much wider hips than my waist so they make me look quite wide.
Overall I'm really impressed! I'd 100% opt for the Primark version over the Topshop pair any day. They are a great alternative if you can't stretch to a whopping £74 for the real thing. I am going to return them as I just don't need them but I would advise buying them to wear under things to save your AA pair as they tend to break very quickly!
Have you tried any dupes? Which have been your favourite if so?


  1. ah i'm so tempted to get these but i'm pretty short too and i hate it when it bunches up around your ankles :( ox

  2. they're gorgeous! I'd love to buy pants like that but I don't have a figure like yours haha!x

  3. These look so lovely on!
    Will definitely be looking out for a pair when I pop into Primark! :)

  4. These sound great, especially for the price. Your right though the AA have the power of sucking everything in x

  5. these look great on you :) I'm not sure I could pull them off, I'm a slightly odd shaped person ^^

    1. So am I though! I have no waist or any bum but they're relatively flattering. I do prefer the AA ones though!

  6. they look so nice!
    this was really helpful, was considering buying some, now i defo am:-)

  7. The RI ones are the best dupes ever, but these sound great especially for the price!

    A little bit Unique


  8. the river island dupes are my favourite too, i practically live in mine
    sara x

  9. Ahh think i'm just going to have to buy the AA ones!
    S xx

  10. I was SO pleased when I heard that Primark have done a dupe but when I went to buy some, they didn't have any in! I was so disappointed. I will have to keep an eye out when I go again because I really don't want to pay loads for the AA ones and other dupes are said to break easily. Great post! x

  11. These don't look half bad for £16! I don't think I'd ever fork out for the real thing because although I love the look on other people I just don't think I could justify spending £74 on them!

    I have a new web address for my blog + a new ootd post if you want a look!



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