Friday, 22 March 2013

favourite things: mac lipsticks & swatches

l to r: vegas colt, rebel, creme cup, please me, pink nouveau, viva glam nicki (swatches reverse, from bottom to top)

It's no secret, I love M.A.C lipsticks! I am totally brand loyal, I only usually buy another brand to try the colour before splashing out on the better version. I thought I'd dedicate a little post as part of this series in order to show you my little collection.
My first M.A.C lipstick was Please Me, which is a matte finish. I absolutely adore the colour, it's so wearable and goes with everything. The matte formula is also my favourite finish.
My most recent is Vegas Volt and it's also the most daring that I've bought. I never wear anything other than pinks and the occasional red so to opt for a coral colour was something unexpected. It's an amplified creme finish which is my least favourite but it's such a beautiful colour that I can look past it!
I wear Viva Glam the least. It's really hard to wear as it's almost neon. Sometimes it looks amazing and other times it's far too much, bit of a must have which is why I bought it at the time! I find that Rebel is another shade that's quite hard to wear in the day time but I've found it looks nice with fairly dewy skin and a black outfit!
Anyway, that's a little insight into my little collection. I currently cart them all around with me, I can't wait 'til I move in September because I can get them their own little acrylic stand! Ooh! 
What's your favourite M.A.C shade? Do you recommend any?

also, I'm not holding out any high hopes, but my mum told me to try, despite me disagreeing, but if you'd like to nominate me under "personal style blog" in the Company style blogger awards, I'd be eternally grateful. Much love xox



  1. aaah I really want Rebel! Keep putting it off but I think i'm just going to have to get it!

  2. heres six more mac lipsticks i now want:p

  3. Oooh, rebel looks gorgeous! I've had Vegas Volt before, I find it's great for adding colour to boring outfits :3 x

  4. Really need to get my hands on rebel
    S xx

  5. Really love them all but the rebel one seems gorgeous! x

  6. The colours look beautiful ! please me is so pretty :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  7. Vegas colt looks incredible for summer :) good luck with the cosmo blog awards :)

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  8. Im nominating you as you are the bees knees. My best friend loves you too so ill get her on it! Good luck! XO

    1. What a lovely comment! Thanks so much, I like being the bees knees!

  9. I am so jealous of your collection!

  10. Ah Rebel has been on my to-get list for so long!
    I might just have to go for it.
    Lots of love from New Zealand,


  11. pretty colors! I need new mac lipsticks.


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