Tuesday, 6 August 2013

fancy one of my co-ords?

we'll call them: polka dot, green paisley, pansy, mixed floral, yellow sunflower and pink sunflower for reference sake!

Hello, so, before I start, I'm sorry if this is annoying but I needed to get it out there some how! I had a lovely response to my handmade co-ord set yesterday, and a lot of people asking if they could buy one so I went and got some more fabric so that I can do exactly that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not starting a store or anything, just making some two pieces haha.
My pattern currently only allows me to make them in UK sizes 6, 8 & 10. They're all handmade, so obviously they'll all differ slightly and I don't have a seam overlocker to finish the hems (that's the part that makes the hems perfecto), but they're more than wearable and machine safe. If you would like one, I'm selling them for £22 + £3 p&p. (I know it seems expensive but I have to cover my costs, and they take quite a while to make!)

Anyway, if you'd like to buy one, please email me with your bust measurement, the style of top you'd like (vest/tshirt. Optional to have the vest cropped too), the pattern you'd like and your clothes size to georgiameramo@hotmail.co.uk and I'll invoice you on PayPal. I've only got a limited amount of each pattern too (just FYI I guess?!)

Thanks for reading, hope I didn't bore you all to sleep! Feel free to tweet me with any Q's!

lots of love xxx
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  1. These are amazing - I will 100% be getting one as sooooon as I got the dollar bills - so pretty! xx

  2. Just emailed! i need! i want!

  3. Oh that second floral looks gorgeous
    Need some returns to go through and i'll be ordering!
    S xx

  4. These are fantastic - I love floral print but I don't own enough of it which sucks :(
    Fantastic blog ! x


  5. I had an idea of making and selling co-ords a while ago, you beat me too it ;) these are all lovely fabrics xxx

  6. really like these! adorable that you hand sew them! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  7. These are too cute! Definitely want one/to make my own as I feel I don't get enough use out of my poor lonely sewing machine. Sure these will be so popular!

    Little Black Russian


  8. So wish I could afford one of these, they are perfect!

    Sophie xx

  9. aw they are awesome, I've just ordered a floral two-piece ah but I would have so ordered one of yours instead if I'd seen them earlier!

    ordaining serendipity

  10. Oh my god. I want one so bad! I'm sitting here just thinking about what colour I like the most and what style but its so difficult!!
    Be expecting an email from me when I've finally made my mind up!

    (And I don't think 22 plus postage is much, especially if you consider how much places like motel charge! And its nice having something that's home made, its more special than off the rail stuff)



  11. These are so so gorgeous! Is it possible to make them for taller girls? :) I'm over 5 foot 9, so normal sizing would be too cropped and too 'ass showing' for me. Thanks in advance & keep up the lovely work! x



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