Thursday, 22 August 2013

smock love

dress: asos
boots: topshop allegra dupes
sunglasses: chicnova*
So, first things first, I GOT THE FLAT! I did have to offer over my budget, so next year is going to be an extreme struggle for money (currently considering selling organs, and vegetarianism) but whatever, I've got a pretty flat! We're currently waiting for the references to come back, and for our guarantor to be approved, so fingers crossed. I'm so excited, it's made me wanna do a room tour so much, so you may finally see me leap over to YT for that!
Secondly, I spotted this amazing smock on ASOS' Instagram and instantly fell in love, ordered it, and thanks to ASOS premier, am here to tell the tale about it the very next day. Simple as. I absolutely adore the print and the fact that smock dresses are like the only shape that suit me (curse of the lack of curves, bodycon + no waist = disaster) and I can just see it looking so nice with thick wooly tights, a bit of fur and some little boots in the winter. I've paired it with my new favourite hat from Missguided, and some little white cut out socks, my favourite thing since sliced bread. ~So over frills~
lots of love xxx
discount of the day: 10% off missguided with code VC10A92N9V0KCJ
song I'm playing: today has been a non stop korn day
 food I'm craving: nandos!
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  1. Love this look! That smock is beautiful teamed with the hat! love your blog so much and congrats on the flat! x

  2. Congrats on the flat.
    That smock is beautiful. You look amazing in it.

  3. Love the colours in the dress and big wooooop on the flat!

  4. This is so cute... im loving smocks at the moment to!

  5. I love this dress!! Really hope you do a room tour!X

  6. I love love love that dress! The pattern is gorgeous! Congratulations on the flat! xxx

  7. That dress is so pretty, the colours are gorgeous!x
    Silver Electrons

  8. I love your dress! I saw it on asos recently and was lusting after it x

  9. the dress is stunning and you look fab in it!
    I adore your hat really jealous want it too

    xx marie at oldcaledonia

  10. Love this whole outfit so much! Even better than it comes in petite :) you look amazing.
    Congrats on the flat too, must be so exciting!!!

  11. congrats on the flat ive just moved too!
    Love this dress you look so pretty and the sunnies are gorgeous

  12. That dress looks perfect on you xxx

  13. Love this outfit! the dress and shoes are gorgeous!
    xx Ayesha

  14. Congrats on the flat :)

    Loooooove this dress, I WANT!!

  15. That dress is so beaut! Love love love it, this has made me think I need to get some cut out socks too! Ooooops.

    Je M'appelle Hannah X

  16. Love your dress, it's perfect on you! And congratulations on getting the flat!

  17. COngrats on the flat - thats super exciting.
    I also LOVE this outfit, I looove the hat and the bright colour + pattern of the smock.
    Lots of love from New Zealand,

  18. Love this dress, so tempted to get it because you look amazing!x

  19. Congrats on your flat babe that's fantastic :D

    & this dress is adorable! xx

  20. That dress looks amazing on you!

  21. Your smock is gorgeous and its PETITE!! I am so excited for payday!!
    Congratulations on the flat :)

    Jodie x

  22. Your blog is so beautiful! I like your retro look.

    Check out my new post on
    Hope you like it:)

  23. I love how chilled yet sweet this outfit is - definately something you could add to for the coming winter months.
    Congratulations on the flat also!

    Lauren x

  24. Love this little outfit you cutey! I'd rush over and buy the smock but considering I just ordered three from ASOS .. think I need to give myself a break haha <3


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