Monday, 17 February 2014

lfw aw14

coat: h&m
top: burton (lol)
jeans: topshop pippa (so so old)
necklaces: h&m, primark, urban outfitters and dorothy perkins
bag: zara
hat: forever 21
shoes: topshop (gwenda)
I finally braved the cobbles, and after days of resting my leg up - (I've done some tissue damage) I finally felt it'd be ok to walk on, despite the pain. I was wrong but whatever.
I actually wore a ridiculously un-fashionable outfit, most of it being mega old (the jeans) or left at James' house after a party one night (the top), but that's fashun for ya.
I didn't go to any shows this time around as the ones I had invites for fell when I had work, but it was nice to go and experience the atmosphere. I had my photo taken about 100 times, with no exaggeration. I think there was one point where I had about 7 cameras on me at once, little old me!!
We ended up going into the Samsung lounge and taking some photos and filming for them, and got to have a play around with the new Galaxy Gear watch which is crazy. We then pottered around the Topshop presents area, and got to hear a few amazing new designer's stories. 
If you want to see what I did/wore last season, you can see here and here!
lots of love xxx
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  1. love your outfit, so stylish x

  2. Love everything on that outfit, even if it is old! The necklace its such a pretty statement :) x

  3. Love your necklace and jeans. It is a shame I didn't get to see you today, would have been lovely to meet you x

  4. really lovely outfit! great post!

  5. those necklaces are incredible !

  6. I love that coat! No wonder you had so many cameras on you, you look effortlessly lovely :) x

  7. Omg, just found your blog, you're adorable and your outfits are impeccable! I'm Gema, I live in Lancaster and whilst you're dreaming about NYC I'm dreaming about living in London, haha!
    I'm your new follower, so you'll be seeing me around!

  8. You look gorgeous!
    and WOW that lady's outfit with the lego is amazing!

  9. Adore you're outfit.

    Beautiful blog too by the way, really inspiring.

    Allie x

    Rush & Teal

  10. It looks amazing I'm so jealous! Love the outfit too

    Salted Roses // Fashion & Beauty

  11. Love your outfit.I like how you didn't go al crazy, some people just go really crazy with their outfits for fashion week. I prefer to actually see more wearable things

  12. Really lovely outfit!
    Love the distressed jeans and the hat.


  13. fantastic outfits :)) x

  14. It's still a nice simple outfit though, love the fuzzy cardigan over the ripped jeans. x

  15. I actually loved the outfit, don't know why you don't really like it! It made you stand out

  16. GREAT!
    Lovely pics.


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