Sunday, 1 June 2014

a weekend in london with forever 21

Part two of my collab with Forever 21 sees me guiding you through what to wear for a weekend in London, don't say I don't do anything for ya. I've gone for a "day" and "evening" outfit, both ideally for when the weather cheers up a bit, so here goes:

So, the day outfit. I picked up this black smock, as when is it the wrong occasion for a black smock? I tend to throw a dress on with a pair of chunky boots and finish it with a fedora and a leather jacket and I'm good to go. London is the most walk-y city ever and you will do nothing but, so it's best to wear comfy shoes. I always like to start my day off with something delicious, so I'd opt for The Breakfast Club when given a choice (i.e. you should go there).

Evening wise, I've stuck to the failsafe cami and black skinny jeans teamed with a little bit of a neckparty. London is weird, it's either really dressy, or super casual so this outfit is quite versatile which is why it's so reliable! Girl rules. I love places like Mahiki (think super fancy Mayfair night) but then again a night at Revs is just as fun.

So there, a what to wear/pack/do in London hybrid. I hope you enjoyed!

This post is in collaboration with Forever 21, all items were gifted except for shoes

lots of love xxx
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  1. Love this post! I am moving to london in the next few months so good to know some tips :-) xx

  2. Great look!:) x

  3. You look so great! I love both your outfits!


  4. So in love with the necklace you are rocking with both of these outfits! Xx

  5. Love the first outfit so much, that necklace is actually amazing, I love dressing up plain pieces with statement necklaces, it's so simple and effortless but looks awesome!

  6. Totally agree, there's never not an occasion for a black smock! You look gorgeous in both of these outfits, I love the necklace! xx

  7. I really love the first outfit, you look beautiful. Loving your heart tattoo too. On the back of the arm is such a cute spot to get one.

    Sweet Monday

  8. I love both outfits so much, and I'm basically obsessed with your hair!

    - Grace

  9. love the necklace of the first outfit! your style is perfect!

  10. Love the dress in the first photos, looks gorgeous! :) x

  11. the necklace on the first outfit is gorgeous !

    Distant Dreamer

  12. Your necklace is perfect xx

  13. Wow perfect outfits! Totally love them! Especially the first one. Great work!


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