Monday, 23 June 2014

lunch at the ritz

top: zara
trousers: marks and spencer
heels: topshop
necklace: forever 21*
bag: zara (sale)
coat: asos*
jacket: zara
shirt: t.m.lewin
trousers: primark
shoes: topman premium
bow tie: marks and spencer
Doesn't my favourite boy scrub up well? Aside from my boyfriend in a bow tie, and in case you couldn't tell from the title, James and I went to The Ritz for lunch last week (c/o Virgin experience days) so we spent a day of quoting Vines' Ry Doon's 'high society' and feeling extraordinarily young amongst their usual wealthy, older customers!
We had a three course meal followed by tea in the main restaurant. It was a great experience and was lovely to have our every need tended to. We were given a small menu to choose from, I opted for pea soup, followed by lamb and finished with a lemon meringue pie whilst James went for a lobster consume, duck breast and then a cherry soufflé (which was amazing!) I'm a bit of a fussy eater so dining like a Queen wasn't really to my taste (I'm more of a Bodeans girl) but James loved it and tried all of the little canapés that were put in front of us, I'm talking squid ink crackers here!
Anyway, it was a great experience and everything is included in the voucher price, except drinks and if you opt for extras such as tea afterwards. It'd be a great gift, I think I might get it for my Grandad's birthday as he loves that kind of thing.
Have you ever been to The Ritz?
lots of love xxx
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  1. this outfit is gorgeous! in love with those trousers :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. Utterly divine Georgia. Sounds like you had such an amazing experience too x

  3. you look INCREDIBLE and so does the food! haha. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  4. Don't you both look gorgeous! How classy haha xx

  5. That looks incredible! And I LOVE the back of your shirt!

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

  6. I've never been to the Ritz before, it looks amazing! Love your outfit too, the detail on the back of your top is so pretty <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  7. It sounds like such a great idea! Definitely something I'm going to look into.
    Your outfit is great too :)

  8. Your outfit is just perfect for the Ritz! Am lovin your Marks and Spencers trousers. I like how they are only 3/4 length. Love how you're wearing neutrals but without the usual matching! Absolutely striking!

  9. Can't believe I only just discovered your blog, you have mint style x


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