Sunday, 12 October 2014

gentle wave tutorial with ghd

the finished 'do'
ghd, so fab that my Mac kept correcting it to 'God'. Anyway, I was sent two appropriate products to create a loose wave tutorial, pretty much my standard hair-do. I've popped together a little photo by photo tutorial on how I created my messy waves, it also gave me some time to make some tacky gifs. What do you reckon?

Ok, so number one:

Firstly I prepped my hair by washing and conditioning, then towel dried and brushed through. I then applied ghd's Total Volume Foam*, and 'scrunched' as you probably did in year 8 of secondary school.

Step two:
Blow dry your hair thoroughly, and prep for using heat. I used the ghd Heat Protect Spray*

Step three:
A gif was actually the best way of explaining this, use a standard sized straightener to loosely curl your hair, be sure to hold them at an angle, not at 90 degrees as otherwise you will get a tight ringlet! Do this until you've done your whole head. I then curl my fringe the opposite way, so that it sits back a little.

Step four:
Brush out all of the curls to soften, otherwise you end up with dolly hair. I use my fancy 'You Suck' brush from Forever 21.

Step five:

 I then re-ringlet the whole lot, which makes the previous step seem pointless but it's not, promise. This just re-enforces the curl a little, so you don't just have a big puff of slightly wavy hair.

Step six:

Finally, use both hands to shake your hair up a little, it'll take out the tight curl you just made and make it look a little lived in. I really scruff it up and finish it with a bit of dry shampoo or texturing spray, as I don't like hair spray and it gives it a bit of grit.

So what do you think? I'm by no means a hairdresser, or photo retoucher judging by the million different backgrounds in these photos, soz! It's a great hairstyle for everyday, it's what I tend to do most days as it's pretty versatile. I make the curls a bit tighter if I want it to last longer, or I want to wear it on a night out.
Let me know if you try it out!
lots of love xxx
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  1. you have such beautiful hair ! great tutorial x


  2. nice tutorial ! Ilove the way your hair turned out:)

  3. love the way you've displayed the tutorial, so cute x

  4. Beautiful hair:) x

  5. Love this look, looks great on you!xx

  6. thanks for the tutorial, I love your hair <3

  7. your hair looks great xx

  8. Very useful posttt. The gifs are so cute x

  9. I love this!
    Looks gorgeous
    S xx

  10. I love your hair so much :)
    I'm running a giveaway:

  11. Love this look, your hair is beautiful!

    Nikki |


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