Thursday, 31 December 2015

twenty fifteen

me, ft. big smile in photoshopped confetti.. what else? Filler photos #101.

Yeah, I'm on that bandwagon too, sozboutit. I really do enjoy writing these kind of posts and looking back on them though!
I thought I'd do a little 2015 in numbers, and perhaps a little look back at what I've done and a few of my favourite outfits over the past year.

2015 has been the year I decided (albeit over half way through) that I really should put some more 'me' into my blog, and although I don't have the capital or time to make it as amazing as some out there, I invested in a new layout to make reading a lot more pleasant, had a little illustration of my name done and polished the site up a little bit so I really feel the content is starting to wholly reflect me. It's by no means my job, but it's developing it's way into my part time career alongside uni and I'm absolutely ok with that! 

It's also been the year I finally threw the towel in on my retail job and spent a WHOLE Christmas at home and not behind a till! After five years between two Topshop/s I finally decided enough was enough and claimed my weekends back, mainly for health reasons but also so I could do normal things I didn't get to do for the past 5739 weekends.

I feel like 2015 was a year I did things I probably wouldn't have done before (no, 'new year new me' vibes intended) but being a sufferer of anxiety and CFS I often say no to so much before even giving it a second thought, yet this year I shot with ASOS and Company mag, met loads of new blogging gals, attended events with people I'd never met before, said 'yes' when I was thinking 'no' and started a whole new degree. I even didn't chicken out when I thought I was gonna throw up on my feet on my first day.
I took on some bigger blog projects with briefs I didn't understand and with fees I plucked out of thin air (lol ikr), but they've all been a learning curve and meant I know more now. Oh, and I also learnt how to sew a fly properly. It's been bugging me for ages, what pattern cutter can't do that?
my Instagram 'best nine', here's hoping they're not so many different shades next year (oops)

2015 in numbers:
6: number of anniversaries James and I have celebrated up to May'15
8: number of holidays I went on
16: number of flights I've been on this year
2: number of countries I'd never been to before 
1: number of fiddle leaf fig trees I finally bought
4824: number of hangovers from new found weekends off
23334: number of times I've sat in The Breakfast Club waiting for James to finish work
4: expensive things I've saved for and treated myself to
56,090: number of likes on Instagram photos I didn't decide to delete mid year (oops)
1: graduation ceremony spent swishing around in my gown

Finally, a few of my favourite outfits of this year:


So, for 2016:

  • I'd like to visit a new country. I'm already going back to my favourite place ever (NYC) in Feb, Berlin again in Jan and then Spain in July so we're off to a good start, although I've already to been to all of those! 
  • I'd also like to open an ISA for saving to buy a home with James, because we are getting old in terms of London property. Plus we hit the seven year mark in May, so I think we're safely together 5eva (kidding, but we are so it's ok)
  • I really want to finally hit 10k on Instagram, I know numbers aren't everything but I've been hovering around it for months now!
  • I really want to focus on improving my blog more. I'd love to find a photographer who can make me look less awkward, as I feel it's one of the things I'm really lacking. Although I have a great camera, my images just aren't what I'd like.
  • While we're on the blog subject, I'd also like to learn to manage it better. I'm awful with rates/techy stuff and going to events etc, I need to get more involved and toughen up a bit. 
  • My absolute main goal of the year though, is to man up and do another internship. I let everything tell me I'm not good enough, yet cry when I think how empty my C.V is. Confidence crisis has to end and I need to do something with my life!
  • Oh, and if possible, buy a CĂ©line bag. 
Have an amazing NYE to all of you, thanks for sticking around and making a hobby worthwhile! You're all fab and congrats if you made it to the end of the worlds longest post.

lots of love xxx
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