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how to be productive and stay motivated

Staying Motivated


Bit of a weird one for me, but I thought I'd share my 'tips' for staying productive and motivated when it comes to deadlines and the sort. I'm number one anxious ball of stress when it comes to counting down the days until a hand-in, but these few things keep me slightly sane and what with it being the New Year, I'm sure we could all do with that push to keep healthy eating, or whatever that 'new year, new me' thing is you said you'd do...

1. Set achievable goals
I used to be awful for plotting to do an entire terms work in a week and then cry when I couldn't get it all done, so instead I sit down six or so weeks before my hand in and write a day by day goal to achieve. I bank in for the fact I'll want a day or so a week of not doing any work, as well as less over the weekends etc. Because my hand-in spanned over Christmas last term I was sure to scribble out enough time to make sure I got to see all of my family and enjoy the festivities (and be hungover) without worrying I'd not done enough work.

2. Write lists
I'm a notorious list writer, and I actually find it really helps me. As above, set achievable goals and keep a to-do list to hand. I put everything on it, as it really is a motivator to tick something off. I'm even talking putting that trip to the post office and that load of washing you have to do on it. Anything that takes time out of your day should be written down so you feel you've not wasted any time. I even factor in a shower, yuh.

3. Stay tidy
No one wants to work in a messy space, so always keep your desk/bed/floor tidy as it'll really make a difference. I'm forever telling James off for dumping his stuff all over my workspace as it means I spend hours tidying my room instead of working, and then needing a break before I've even started. (#chronicfatigueprobs)

4. Reward yourself
Ok, so a Domino's after an hour of work doesn't really count but if you've been sat at your desk for six hours solid, have a cup of tea and check ya Instagram as long as you get back to it after ten minutes or so. I find I get so bored and consumed that I'm not being productive any more, I'm just sitting there worrying that if I stop I won't get anything done. Whether you need motivation to eat well, go to the gym, or even just read more, remember that you still need time not doing that thing.

5. Start with something 'fun'
This is something I've given a go recently, and applies in most cases. If I know I've got a shedload of work to do, I'll start by taking some Instagram photos, or curling my hair or whatever else I deem fun on that particular day (I don't lead a very wild life), by the time I'm finished I'm usually relaxed and happy with the job I just completed which = motivation to start the new shittier job. Ta-da!

6. If all else fails, Pinterest some quotes
Ain't nothing like a good 'this girl can' quote to get you going. Go on, I dare ya.

What do you think? Let me know if you have any good tips as I'm always looking for more!

lots of love xxx
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  1. Definitely agree with all of your tips! I'm such a list maker too, it de-stresses me and I find it quite therapeutic! Gorgeous pics as well.

    Tilly x

  2. I love this post! I make list's for everything and recently my mission it keep my room tidy at all times!! xxx

  3. Really good tips, I actually used to put 'shower' on my to-do list at uni as well :')


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