Friday, 22 January 2016

packing for berlin/packing hand luggage

Berlin Packing

Berlin Packing

Berlin Packing

Berlin Packing
PRIMARK stripe t-shirt, MISSGUIDED striped body*, H&M bra, ACNE scarf, MISSGUIDED boots*, MISSGUIDED skirt*, MISSGUIDED coat*, H&M trainers, ZARA jumper, ZARA culottes & CHLOE bag

Would you look at me being organised(ish)! I'm off to Berlin at the end of January for a little birthday jaunt with a few of my best friends and as we're cheap as chips, we haven't paid for big luggage. It's not like we need to, but I thought I'd give you a little insight to how I pack when space is a little limited, as well as what I'm taking if you cared to find out!

My top tips:
  • I always try and take versatile items such as trainers and a neutral coat as it saves on space.
  • Wear your biggest items such as heavy knitwear etc on the plane = space saving 101. Even if you're going somewhere warm, always take a jumper!
  • Remember the liquids allowance! (100ml and must fit in the plastic bag they provide.) I usually buy a shampoo/conditioner once I'm through the gates at the airport and leave it in the hotel as it means you have more room for important things like lipstick. 
  • Roll your clothes, don't fold them. You'd be surprised how much space this saves.
  • Finally, make sure you can fit your handbag in the case for when you board, and leave room for it while you pack! EasyJet and co's one bag rule means if you've got a carry on, that means no handbag/camera bag etc! I sometimes use a Whistles clutch for my essentials that I need to hand as it fits in my coat pocket, sneaky. Cameras and everything else will have to be in your main case.

lots of love xxx
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  1. I love your minimal style - it's SO perfect! BTW, quick Q on your Chloe...I just got a Balenciaga city in suede and I am worried to use so I don't damage the suede! How are you finding the suede on yours and have you used a protector spray on it? xx

  2. Lovely post and I can't wait to see Berlin photos. Plus your style makes me want to go shopping and get new minimal wear all of the time haha

    Jess x

  3. Have an amazing time in Berlin. One of my absolute favourite cities in the world.

    Rachel |

  4. this is my kind of packing! forever jealous of your chloe bag!

    Rose and Weston x

  5. This is the most organised packing I have ever seen haha. I am just back from a week in Berlin and I absolutely loved it, even though it was -9, it is such a cool city. Have an amazing time! xx

    Lauren Rose

  6. Loving the monochrome and grey. Also that bra is the dream! x

  7. I love your monochrome theme going on here! I'll be packing very similarly for my upcoming paris trip!

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