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a city guide: berlin, germany

A City Guide: Berlin

As promised, here's my Berlin city guide! Number two in my city guides (see Copenhagen here) and as I've been twice now and enjoyed it so much both times that it seemed only logical to let you all know about some of the cool places I've found. That and the fact everyone I know seems to be heading there soon! So without further ado:

A City Guide: Berlin A City Guide: Berlin
1. holiday inn berlin city east side
I know Airbnb is the 'cool' way to stay now, but I've stayed in this recently refurbished Holiday Inn both times and it's always been great. Not only is it spotless, modern and fun inside but it's also got a Starbucks in the reception for emergency hangover coffee. We had a bit of a hiccup with payment on our last stay, so to say sorry we got upgraded to a suite following amazing customer service from the branch itself. I whole heartedly recommend if you're after a good hotel!

£? Roughly £45-60 a night

A City Guide: Berlin A City Guide: Berlin

2. photobooths
These are all over the place in Berlin, and a total tourist trap but you've got to do it. For €2 you get a fun little black and white strip of photos which take about 5-10 minutes to print. They're really old school machines and take the photo super quick with a mega bright flash - but it's all part of the fun!

£? €2 per 4 photo strip

A City Guide: Berlin A City Guide: Berlin

3. burgermeister
Guys, prepare your soul. Hands down, this is the best fast food burger I've ever eaten. I'm not usually one for bold claims like that, but hey, it really was amazing. So much so, that on our first trip we visited three times and another three over the two days we spent there this time. If you go, it's the little newsstand looking place in the middle of the dual carriage way in Kreuzberg. You've got to try the chilli cheese fries too, so much plastic cheese greatness. There's always a queue, and there's rarely anywhere to sit so be warned!

£? €4-6 per burger, cheap as chips!

A City Guide: Berlin A City Guide: Berlin

4. voo store
One of the coolest stores I've been in, Voo store is a little shop in what feels like the middle of nowhere that stocks brands such as Acne, Charlie May and Adidas. Here you'll find minimal home accessories, rare trainers, great coffee and super cool staff. Absolutely worth a visit if you're anything like me and love all things minimal and 'arty' as James put it. The best part is, they also ship to the UK.

£? Prices vary, homeware from €15+ and clothing upwards of €40.

A City Guide: Berlin A City Guide: Berlin

5. dudes delikatessen
Another super cool place, Dudes Delikatessen serves great burgers and good beer. All you really need when in Berlin to be honest. It's a pub/deli with friendly staff and a lively atmosphere that's definitely worth visiting. We went on a Friday night and it picked up and got really busy. It's in the middle of Kreuzburg and just great to be honest. Not to mention that Mcbess does their cute illustrations, it's almost like you're on the Tube back in London... Doing a shot of tequila and eating a burger.

£? Purse friendly, cheap beers and burgers around €8.

A City Guide: Berlin

6. coretex records
A quick shout for any metal fans out there, James and I stumbled across Coretex whilst looking for Voo Store, but it was a great find! If you're into heavy metal/punk/rock/hardcore etc it's definitely worth a visit to pick up hard to find vinyls as well as their own merch and band stuff too.

£? Average vinyl price, t-shirts €15+

others worth mentioning: White Trash Fast Food - a crazy tattoo parlour/restaurant with a great atmosphere and good food (but too dark to photograph!). Finally, Hello Goodpie - cute name right? It's a little pie shop (in case you didn't figure) tucked away in Kreuzburg that does amazing savoury pies as well as an amazing lemon meringue pie.

lots of love xxx
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  1. Such lovely photos and places, I wish I could go to Berlin right this moment!

  2. Great post. I visited Berlin for NYE and loved it.

  3. Great guide! I'm hoping to go to Berlin soon and I'll definitely be taking this little guide with me. Molly x


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