Thursday, 24 March 2016

i'm on youtube! (+ S/S haul)

THE TITLE YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D SEE. Ah, oh my god, here I am with my hilarious Croydon accent and awkward hands for all to see on YouTube. I finally decided to bite the bullet and crack on with the whole video thing as I really like the idea of getting more personality through my channels, as well as learn a new skill and build some much needed confidence!

I'm not sure if YouTube is the right place to go for confidence building, as I'll likely get a million thumbs down and comments on my awful teeth but hey, it's a learning curve at least. I'm planning on making styling/lookbook videos, some hauls as well as bag reviews/what's in my bag and things. I'll probably throw in a few generic tags, vlogs and the occasional beauty video.

So yeah, as you'd expect, please like/subscribe/do other YouTube things and hopefully I'll be back with another video soon!

lots of love xxx
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  1. OH Yay - welcome to YouTube hun. I will be watching this after work and going to sub now <3 xx

  2. Congrats on your first video, takes a lot of confidence to start a new venture!
    Loveeeee the Celine trio, it's so beautiful!

  3. loved this! well done for biting the bullet and going for it!
    i would love to start youtube at some point as well but it seems very scary. you were great in this!

    anna @ styleskittle xx


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