Tuesday, 1 March 2016

new in: acne adriana

Acne Adriana

Acne Adriana

Acne Adriana

Acne Adriana

Acne Adriana

Acne Adriana
ACNE adriana in metallic silver via voo store

Well here they are! You can't spend an unjust amount of money and not dedicate a blog post to them, can you?
I saw these little shiny babies in Voo Store whilst in Berlin... in the sale... with a further 20% off... when they're still full price on the Acne website? Uh, yeah. I was actually after the white pair as I'm not often into garish footwear but hey, when they're that much of steal you really can't say no.
I've only worn them once (a few posts back!) and they were relatively comfy. Like, if they cost me £10 I'd say they were uncomfortable, but I'm sure they'll wear in. I hope!

What do you think? I'm really making a conscious effort to buy staples at the moment, even if they are a little bit pricey, so that I can collate a basic wardrobe that will last me years. So far so good!
P.S excuse the creased bedsheets...

lots of love xxx
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  1. Oh wow - these are amazing!


  2. Oh my, that is one stunning pair of shoes! So beautiful x


  3. Oh my goddd! Such beautiful shoes


  4. omg these are beautiful and so unique! I'm a big fan of Acne's designs <3


  5. They look so shiny! Gorgeous shots xx



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