Monday, 11 April 2016

vintage levi 501 dupes

Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes Levi 501 dupes
ASOS jeans*, COS shirt, ADIDAS trainers, ASOS socks*, CÉLINE bag

You heard me right, I found dead ringers for the vintage 501's everyone's been going mad over. Now I don't know about you, but I'm really not one for charity shop-shopping, nor am I partial to vintage rummaging. Call me lazy, it's just not me - so when it came to needing a pair of these Levi's I was faced with paying over the odds for them in Urban Outfitters, or rummaging in my local thrift shop. Neither appealed, so of course I had a quick flick through ASOS' new in section and ta-da! Luckily I had a voucher left too, so they were even more enticing.

They're equally as unflattering, make you look like you've got a mens crotch and most of all - they're a super straight leg. The perfect 501 dupe recipe.

I also filmed a little OOTD to pair with the post, although you'll have to forgive me (or James) for the shaky filming and crumby editing.

So what do you reckon, are they close enough?

lots of love xxx
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  1. Such a cool outfit, you look fab Georgia! Just gorgeous x

  2. This shirt / top is amazing babe !xx

  3. Nice look:) xx

  4. You manage to make such simple outfits so stylish! Serious wardrobe goals. Molly x

  5. This is such a perfect outfit, I have my eye on this COS top and may just trip into store tomorrow and pick it up, your blog / style is just one of my favourites right now its amazing!

    Hannah x

  6. Loving that shirt x

    Millie x

  7. Also no holes or defects. Most of the time the colour gets faded since the piece of clothing would be some 60 years old. vintage clothing UK


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