Sunday, 3 April 2016

what's in my handbag/review: small chloe faye

small chloe faye in black

Being the bag of the season, and with the fact I (being one of many) happen to own it, I've had a million questions on what I can fit inside my Faye and how big it is etc so I thought the easiest way to get that across would be to pull it all together in a video, given that's something I apparently do now. 

I'm planning on buying either an A.P.C half moon bag or the Mansur Gabriel bucket bag soon, obviously as well as my new CĂ©line Trio so hopefully this can become a bit of a thing and someone might find it useful!
In the meantime, you can watch the video below!

lots of love xxx
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  1. your make up looks gorgeous! & your hair makes me jealous it's so long! love the bag too xx

  2. Your makeup is amazing! What do you use to do your eyeliner?! x

    Emily -

  3. This bag is bloody glorious! When the pennies start rolling in - if that ever happens - this'll most definitely be at the top of the wishlist. oh, and you look gorgeous xxx

  4. what is the brand of your cardholder/wallet?!


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