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I can't even tell you how long I've been planning a 'London' series. As a born-Londoner, I am a total advocate for the city and spend pretty much all of my time in it so I thought rather than one of my usual city guides, I'd do a series of different posts combining all of my favourite things in my city. 

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite places - with loads more to come as and when:

The Chicken Shop
1. the chicken shop
The Chicken Shop(s) are spread over London now but are honestly the place to go for really great 'peri' chicken - of sorts. Honestly, it's like Nando's on crack - a definite place to replace ye olde cheeky Nando's
I totally recommend the hot sauce you'll find on the tables, as well as a huge slice of apple pie afterwards.
£? a meal for two (a whole chicken and sides) will set you back between £30-40.

The Hoxton The Hoxton The Hoxton
2. the hoxton hotel
A first staycation for James and I, and definitely a memorable one. The Hoxton was a complete dream, we stayed in Hoxton for the evening and made the absolute most of doing nothing by spending the evening lying in bed with a cup of tea and enjoying having no responsibilities.
The hotel itself is decorated in a beautiful minimalistic but masculine style, and has a fab bar/coffee area downstairs. It's actually just across the road from my uni so I'm going to have to make more of an effort to get there more often, even if it is just for a coffee and pastry.
£? rooms from £99 per night

Reds True BBQ Reds True BBQ 3. reds true bbq

Genuine apologies if you don't eat meat, and a gentle 'this isn't one for you' but if you do then you should go. Northern folk will probably know Red's as old news, but seeing as we only got one in London around a year ago here it is!
James and I love nothing more than good BBQ which can be so hard to find in the UK but Red's nail it. All of the meat is smoked in house and when it's gone,  it's gone. The burnt ends are out of this world, and you have to try the beef long.

£? £15-30 per head depending on what you order!

Patty & Bun 4. patty & bun

Genuinely the best burger I've eaten in London, Patty & Bun is the perfect amount of 'gourmet' and yet still sloppy enough to be so, so great. James orders two burgers every time we go, one beef and one chicken because they're that good.
The great news is that you used to have to queue for ages at their only two sites, but they've now popped open a few more so get in quickly!

£? £5-8 per burger
Kerb Food
5. kerb food market

Another recent discovery, and one to get to ASAP before the weather gets any worse but if you're into basically any kind of food then you'll enjoy Kerb. There's something for everyone so take all ya mates too.
My personal favourite was (and always is) Mother Clucker, honestly that chicken is just so damn good.

£? As it's street food, anything from £3+!

So, that was the first of hopefully many London recommendations! I've got a list as long as my arm of places I'll include so they'll definitely be coming every few months. Let me know if you try any, and apologies that this one is very food based!

lots of love xxx
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  1. yay this was such a nice read! I live in London myself but it's so great to find out reccs from others, definitely adding some of these to my to do list x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. This is so great Georgia! I'm definitely going to have to check some of these spots out when I'm back down in the capital later on in the year! x

  3. Going to save this post! I return back to London in less than two weeks after a year away from Uni! So excited to see the city again it's been SO long!

    Abigail Alice x

  4. yummm reds looks so good! will keep this page in my bookmarks for my next trip to london! x


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