Saturday, 31 December 2016

twenty sixteen

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2016, the year for like, realising stuff.

Wasn't 2016 a bit of a shitter? Brexit happened (the only thing I've ever argued with my Grandad over) then bloody Trump got US Presidency,  and well, most people I know haven't had all that great of a year either either.

In 2016 there were a handful of amazing opportunities, and the year started off on a good note. I met some new friends and grew some balls by going to events and shoots etc that I'd never have been brave enough to do before. I also celebrated seven years with James, my number one hun. I visited Berlin, New York, Venice, Copenhagen, the Canary Islands and America again. I got to drive a Mustang for hours (that'll never be topped). I moved into a lovely new flat with another lovely couple of pals - and James of course. I got a great new camera. I made two big handbag purchases. I hit targets for my blog/social channels. I bought 'hella' plants, hella I tell you. I learned a heap of new things. I tried new food and started to like it (now almost like cheese). And well, probably loads of other stuff.

Some shittier stuff happened too, I suffered a really bad bought of anxiety in June which was a battle to get out of. I've touched on it here but not to the extent it was. I lost tonnes of weight, wasn't eating and couldn't fathom leaving the house for a really long while. Luckily I'm on the way up again now, and slowly my life is returning to normal. Kudos if you've come out the other side unscathed, as I really wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. That stopped me doing loads of things, it even nearly stopped me getting on the plane to San Francisco, as I couldn't stop puking and has ruined a bunch of other stuff on the way to now too. Anxiety aside, I've also drifted from people I thought would be in my life forever, and after doing everything I can/could to save the relationships, I've finally accepted that sometimes no matter how much you do for people and how invaluable they are to you, you're still not enough and are disposable to them. James had to tell me off a few times for being a massive doormat, but hopefully I've learned to slam the door in peoples' faces now. And hell, I'm a really great friend when you're nice to me. The 3am pick you up from your ex-boyfriends house kinda friend.

BUT hopefully 2017 will be: the year I graduate (again), potentially the year I go freelance, the year I get a dog, the year I completely overcome anxiety, the year James and I celebrate eight years together, the year I visit a new country without a care in the world, the year I go out and get drunk again (can you believe I've not been drunk since March), the year I am able to buy myself a fancy new Céline, the year I improve my content and build a bloody schedule and the year I am god damn happy.

SO there we go, probably a load of word vomit, but hey - HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys. Thanks for reading my schpele, it means a lot and hopefully there'll be loads more - and better - content to come in 2017. 

lots of love xxx
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