Sunday, 15 October 2017

the glossier hype

Openly admitting, I'm the first to dive headfirst onto any kind of looming bandwagon. Yes, I bloody love to know what everyone's talking about and have my own opinion on it. So, naturally when I was in NYC in September I HAD to get my mitts on some Glossier products. $90 later, and I think I can pipe up and tell you my thoughts. You are *so* welcome for the 2948745th Glossier post you've read today.

Ok, so what do I not like?
I'm going to straight up say that I didn't like the Generation G lipstick. I got it in the shade 'cake' and to be honest, it's so transparent and sheer it just feels like a shitty lip balm. This might just be due to the colour of my lips etc, but I'm definitely more of a matte kind of girl. I'm also going to hold my hands hella high and say that I don't like the Stretch Concealer. I'm trying to like it, but it's not for me. Firstly, these bags need industrial strength - which this is not. Secondly, ya girl is pretty lazy and this requires some effort. A) it creases and doesn't stay where you put it. It's fairly sticky and unless you set with powder (which ruins the 'no make up' vibe?) then it's pretty pants. B) it's too bloody sheer. I  know it's supposed to be for those flawless gals who get 8 hours sleep a night and maybe I'm just not one of them, but sadly it's just sunk to the bottom of my make up bag to be forgotten about.

Pity party over, here's what I LOVE:
Straight up, obsessed with the Priming Moisuriser. Not only can I skip a step in my make up routine (lazy, see) but also it's the perfect viscosity for me - even though I have drier skin. My make up sits perfectly on top (I've been using IT cosmetics CC cream lately) and it just feels like my skin is loving it. I really want to try the heavier version during the colder months too.
I'm also pretty smack bang in love with the balm dotcom. I picked up the coconut one and it's fab. I put it on every morning when doing my make up, and it's like an older, wiser sister to Vaseline. It knows not to be so sticky and gross, and not to smell like a nappy and it's just good at it's job.
My new favourite thing is the Milky Cleanser. Like, get out and buy yourself one. I'm notoriously bad at skincare, but this just feels like I want to do it. I genuinely wake up the next morning with baby soft skin - it's so non abrasive and gentle, I just feel like all it does is what it says - bloody clean your skin and put all the nastiness of London in the bin at the end of the day. 10/10 recommend, and conveniently my three favourite things come in the Phase 1 set together.
Lastly, my never leastly - bloody Boy Brow. OB-SESSED. I didn't care for it the first time I used it, but combined with Anastasia Brow Wiz (medium brown for me FYI) it's amazing. I can get naturally bushy, full brows that don't look plastered on and perfect within an inch of their life. I also feel it gives the Brow Wiz a bit more staying power too - literally the dream combo. Go and get it already.

As with everyone ever, use this link (or to get 10% off your purchase, and I'll get a cheeky reward too. Win win.

lots of love xxx
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  1. still haven't made a glossier order... waiting for reviews like this! Everyone tends to hype EVERYTHING up so it's good to read a post with a more honest review saying whats not so good too!

    Laura |


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