Sunday, 12 November 2017

thoughts on los angeles

Shot on 35mm, Olympus mju-ii

Another bunch of film - this time from my really recent trip to LA in September/October. So, why was I there? I found fairly cheap flights on Norwegian and slowly gave Olivia no choice but to come with.

I visited the same time last year, and must say I left not really feeling anything for the city. I was suffering with fairly bad anxiety at the time, and I think that hindered my trip a lot. I nearly didn't get on the plane, so that kinda says it all. I also desperately wanted to love it so putting that kind of pressure on the trip was a bit stupid too.

Anyway, this time I went back armed with loads of things to do and a new mindset. I think being with one of my favourite people really helped too. We ate loads of In'n'Out, drank far too many cocktails and laughed at mean boys the whole time. We also had a car this time around, and spent a lot of time just driving around and exploring. We visited Culver City, Santa Monica, DTLA, Malibu and loads of other places. I think Culver and Venice are two of my favourite areas, both really laid back and chilled. We also road tripped to Vegas in the middle for two nights which was fun. I love driving in America - the roads are wide and there's so much to see in the middle of nowhere. The little towns never cease to amaze me and leave me asking "what if they need a hospital?" or "where do they do their food shop and buy their clothes?"

It's got a weird vibe, parts are fancy and expensive (yah, Beverly Hills) and then other parts scream of sadness, with lots of homeless people and visible drug use. Then there's the beachy areas - just a short drive from places like Downtown which has a big city feel. It's all over the place, but I think it's cool that you can dart around depending on how you're feeling.

LA definitely got me this time around. It still doesn't compare to NY for me, but it's a close second. I'd love to do a month here, followed by a month in New York (and find a nice, bearded American man to marry...) but anyway, there's my two cents on Los Angeles! I really hope to head back soon so keep your eyes peeled...

lots of love xxx
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