Sunday, 5 November 2017

thoughts on new york

New York New York New York New York New York New York
Shot on 35mm, Olympus mju-ii

I like the idea of making my blog a little bit more personal, so I thought what better excuse to use these random film photos from my travels than to ramble a little bit about where they were taken?

So the story behind these, is I was due to join my then-boyfriend in Miami for a few days but Hurricane Irma had other plans. I flew out to Miami (solo, may I add. Anxiety 0 - Georgia 1!) and then we hopped in a blue Mustang and drove up to NYC. 

He'd never been, and it's one of my favourite places on earth and my complete happy place so despite the 22 hour drive, I figured I'd love to show him around some of my favourite spots. We wound up driving (or fleeing) through Florida, Georgia (hehe I got to stay a night in Savannah - I've officially slept in Georgia) and then both Carolinas, Virginia, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and then finally hitting NYC.

Not going to tell you the drive was fun - we nearly killed each other and were desperately tired when we finally arrived but being in a Mustang - my favourite car - made it kind of ok.

So, New York. I've been about seven times now, and each time I feel a little less like I want to come home. It's really similar to London - which is obviously where I was born and where I call home. I'm a real home-bird and hate being away for too long, so it surprises me how much I bloody love it. It just oozes cool - all the girls are dressed impeccably, people are friendly, it's easy to get about and always busy. I think I'd like to live on the Lower East Side - think Shoreditch but a bit more grimy ha.
I think I'll always regret not making the most of an easier-to-come-by student visa and spending some time out there, but unfortunately I wasn't brave enough and was in a very long term relationship so didn't want to abandon that. Life, eh, as living in America is almost impossible once you're out of uni.

lots of love xxx
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  1. ohmygod, i only just noticed you're an LCF student too! I started my MA in September just gone, what about you?

    I adore NYC and definitely understand the feeling of not wanting to come back. It does remind me of London too but with more a hectic and exciting vibe.

    Abigail Alice x


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