Tuesday, 24 July 2018

how i get my blonde

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I often get asked about my hair, so I thought I'd pop it all into a nice blog post for you to read.

Firstly, the colour. I get my colour done at Blue Tit in Peckham with the OG babe, Harriet. I get a fully head of 'flamboyage' which is Blue Tit's version of balayage which leaves it really multi tonal and 'natural' - as far as bleached hair can look. I then have a toner popped over the end, followed by Olaplex to keep it in the best condition possible. The flamboyage means I don't get harsh roots like highlights leave, which is how I manage to go 3-5 months between colour sessions. It grows through super naturally and as though I've meant to let it do so - definitely a saver for anyone else who's as lazy as I am.

When it comes to a cut, I'm pretty awful at getting it done regularly. Recently I've been having it trimmed at Blue Tit either by Yeison or Jackson - usually getting the ends slightly shorter to give it some health back and then a little bit of a fringe cut in. I've been umming and aahing with going a fair bit shorter again but I really can't decide. What do you reckon?

Naturally being a faux blonde, my hair pulls through super warm after a few weeks of being done so I use a purple toning shampoo throughout the week. I'm currently using a Pro:Voke one (you totally know the one I mean) but I also like the Fudge one, and have heard great things about Redken's toning range.
With regard to other shampoo and conditioner, I'm not fussy and tend to use whatever I have. 
I'm so awfully lazy with my hair, and I really wish I wasn't. It's naturally poker straight so I usually just let it dry naturally or loosely blow dry it and go. I always pop a little bit of Bumble and Bumble's Invisible Oil on, or Shu Uemera Essence Absolue which I find amazing and really nourishing! I also try to use the at-home Olaplex treatment monthly.
When I can be bothered, I curl my whole head using an Enrapture Totem styler on 3-3-3 for a loose curl, and then use Ouai texturising spray to break it up a little. I actually prefer it slept on so the curls have turned into a really loose wave.

So that's a little in sight into how I do my hair, or what I have done. Let me know if you have any Q's or if you go to Blue Tit - they're my fave!

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