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my laser hair removal experience

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So, if you follow me on Instagram you might know that I've been having laser hair removal for the past few months, and I thought after four sessions I'd check in and let you know my thoughts on it. Naturally I'm not going to show progress pictures for the reason that follows, so here's me in half a bikini looking pretty hairless.

Firstly, I'm having my bikini line done as it was the only place I get severely bored of shaving, my legs and underarms aren't an issue and overall I'm not a very 'hairy' person (lol). Laser predominantly works for people with darker hair as from what I understand, the laser is attracted to the pigment so it's worth remembering.

I have been having the treatment at Pulse Light's clinic on Fenchurch Street, it's super easy to get to and I've never had any issue with getting availability to suit me etc which is beyond handy.

In terms of the treatments, I didn't notice any difference until the second round. After that the hair growth was entirely slower and the hair had changed texture and was a lot thinner, less 'wiry' - wow. After four treatments I don't have to shave frequently at all, and it's never more than a small section of hair that grows back through. I'm absolutely confident that after 8 treatments I won't have to shave until it needs topping up!

Now, the pain: SO many people have told me it didn't hurt at all - I'm just going to say that they lied. It does bloody hurt me, but I think it's just in a fairly boney area, and the whole process is over in about 3 minutes so you can essentially just grin and bear it. It kind of feels like being flicked with an elastic band about 8 times and then it's over. Obviously the pain differs depending on where you get it done and also how long it takes. I've heard that the squishier the area, the less pain.

Overall, so far so good. It's weirdly so much less hassle when showering, and I can't believe how quick the results have been. I'm definitely going to look into getting my calves done during the winter (you can't have sun exposure during appointments!)  as that'll make getting ready an absolute breeze.

Disclaimer: this post isn't sponsored, but Pulse Light did provide the service for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own as always!

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