Thursday, 5 July 2018

some life updates and granita

Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano
FOREVER 21 dress,  ZARA sandals (similar), ALDO sunglasses, TOPSHOP bag

Alreet lads, how are we? I'm making a conscious effort to blog more as it makes me really sad to think of this platform kind of dying out. I love reading blogs and sifting through pretty imagery so I hope it sticks around for a while! That said, I am aiming for three posts a week and a potential shift to Wordpress so here goes nothing.

Anyway, this is another outfit that I wore whilst on the Amalfi coast - I found this little linen dress for a tiny £16 so absolutely recommend snapping it up. I'm wearing a S for reference.

In terms of some updates, where are we? Firstly I'm still giving freelance/self employment a crack. It's bloody hard work and I'm not sure how long I can put up with it but I do enjoy every stress filled, invoice chasing minute. I'm also assisting some lovely ladies on creative bits and bobs which I also enjoy, so nice to work on a creative level with other bloggers.

I also spent the weekend at Trnsmt festival with Hannah, which was an experience. Not mad keen on being in the same place as 1028539 drugged up 16 year olds, but seeing Arctic Monkeys for the first time was bloody amazing. I also really loved Glasgow as a city and am going to try and squeeze another trip in ASAP. 

Speaking of trips, I've also just booked to go to Copenhagen again with my boyfriend in September. Lol, yep. Boyfriend. Hahaha feels weird being a girlfriend again, I've kind of forgotten what I'm supposed to do as I'm so used to being the long-term-gal-who-does-everything-and-gives-all-the-love so it's a bit of an adjustment, seeing as I don't think I was even in full swing of being single, let alone the new girl. Nonetheless, he's literally great and a complete spice (lol hi Kim you're defo reading this) so I'm super happy and finally have someone to adventure with again. Everything really does happen for a reason, init. Anyway, it'll be my third time in the city but do shout if you've got any recommendations!

That's probably all for now, speak to you soon.

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