Wednesday, 20 February 2019

can bloggers ever do right?

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Recently the blogging world seems full of contradicting rules on how you should live your life and wronging people for doing differently. Firstly I’m going to put out there that I am entirely of a “live and let live” mindset, providing no one is getting hurt etc. 

It seems that you can’t do right for doing wrong at present. You can’t have too many luxury pieces, as your lifestyle is unattainable and may upset people who can’t afford it. You can’t only wear cheap brands as that’s not eco friendly. You have to be vocal about every issue, but have a non argumentative stand point on it, to avoiding upsetting anyone. 

As I said, I’m very much of a live and let live kind of guy. I’m obviously aware of most political, ethical, and ~everything in between~ issues and have my opinions on it but that's for another post!

I started blogging because I had wanted to get into the fashion industry since I was about seven years old and it gave me a platform to discuss what I loved. I never realised the responsibility that came with it. I don't think many of us foresaw 'having a voice' and few know quite what to do with it!

I often feel I can’t celebrate any success without fear of making someone else feel guilty for being at a different stage in their life, or simply on an alternate path etc. I recently bought a new handbag after wanting it for so long I lost count, and yet I feel that I need a justification for doing so. Is I wanted it, saved for it and bought it not enough?

Sites like gurugossip seem to thrive on people living their best life, or blow the smallest mistake out of proportion. It's bloody exhausting! A lot of people seemingly despise people making money through blogging, and I'm not sure if it comes from a place of jealousy or simply misunderstanding but it's becoming a dated way of thinking. Every year when Black Friday is on the approach I simply wait for the snide remarks on affiliate links etc. It's tiring.

Bringing it back to basics, blogging is a lot of people’s jobs. Which requires making money. “Swipe up” stories, affiliate links and crazy posts on Black Friday are people’s income - it’s how I pay my rent, insure my car and do my food shopping. While I wholly believe that everyone needs to be both self aware, and aware of current issues both locally and globally, I do think we are simply allowed to pull it back to sharing something because we enjoy it every once in a while without fear of backlash. 
We are all in different stages of our lives, in different financial situation etc - the list goes on - but part of being an adult is recognising that, and choosing to digest what works for you. Whether that be following someone for their sense of style, their political views or just because you like their hair, take what you need from it and leave it at that. I think we are all looking for something in everything, when sometimes an image really is just an image.

What do you think? I'm pants at putting my thoughts into words so I hope this makes some sense!

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