Thursday, 7 February 2019

puppy training 101

post in collaboration with furbo

Another one for you doggy owners, or potential dog owners for that matter! After posting my top tips on things to think about when getting a puppy, I thought that some things I've picked up re: training your little one might be handy too.

Positive reinforcement!
This is something Pepe and I are still working on, but every time he does anything good he gets a 'good boy' and perhaps a treat if they're to hand. That goes for everything from doing a wee outside to sitting on command.

Being alone
Whilst Pepe spends a lot of time with me, he does occasionally have some time to himself which is great for me but not so great for him. Que the Furbo. I have always worried that he is barking or getting himself into trouble whilst I'm out and finally I have the answer! I have set up the device in the kitchen, which is where he sleeps and his food is. If you're not familiar, the Furbo is a pretty cute looking little machine which enables you to check on, speak to and reward your pup with treats. I often call him which beckons him to the device and then he feels comforted and sits and patiently waits for a treat. He was slightly apprehensive at first, but when he learned that treats pop out of it he wouldn't leave it alone! 

Something I realised whilst trying to teach Pepe to do a few basics (sit, lie down, paw) was just how many times you need to re-iterate what you're asking him to do before he understands. Dogs are creatures of habit, and eventually learn to associate words with actions so do keep at it, it just requires a lot of patience!

Pepe was born into a house with lots of dogs so he's always been good with them, but it's definitely important to make sure your fur child is capable of being docile and friendly with others. It's best to test the waters in a neutral space whilst on leads so you can judge their behaviour first.

Take it slow
Lastly, they're just babies so do remember that! I taught Pepe one thing at a time, including toilet training and learning to adjust to being on his own. Lots of love and encouragement and they should get the hang in no time.

So those are a few of my fave tips that I've picked up along the way. Do let me know if you're thinking of getting a puppy any time soon as I do love writing about Pepe so it'd be fab to know that someone uses it! You can also see more Pepe and Furbo action on Pepe's Instagram (yep) @pepebreadmctaco.

lots of love xxx
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