a city guide: brooklyn, NYC


On our recent trip to New York we chose to stay in Williamsburg as opposed to Manhattan and I can honestly say it was such a great decision! Brooklyn is a really amazing place, worth a visit on it’s own is definitely worthy of a post.


The Hoxton, Wythe Ave

First up, our hotel. I adore The Hoxton hotels and having stayed in their London and Paris locations I knew it had to be our choice in NY. It’s fairly new and really well located, about 7 mins from the nearest subway station. Our room was little but had everything we needed. We also got upgraded to a Manhattan view so that definitely made the size more than ok. The hotel also has a beautiful restaurant downstairs, as well as a super cool lobby to work or just grab a coffee in. We did pop into their bar which was lovely and knows their way around a good whiskey sour.

Cafe Colette,

After running out of places we fancied in Manhattan, we thought we’d stay local and fell into Colette. It’s a compact little place, with a real European feel (think vintage Paris) plus they do an amazing French toast. I think anywhere that deems an entire branch of cherry blossom as reasonable decoration is a place for me.



I was actually shooting with Sammi when she mentioned here, only for it to be a stones throw from our hotel. Aland is a really cool concept type store full of Asian brands that we don’t tend to see much in the UK. It also has a tonne of really aesthetically pleasing skincare and is all really reasonably priced.

Sunday in Brooklyn,

Another brunch spot! This one a little further from our hotel, but still so great. A real mixed vibe going on inside, and not too long of a queue - Sunday was perfect for grazing on 11am cocktails and having a slow morning. I got the chorizo hash and it was f-a-b.


The Great Eros, Wythe Ave

Again, a few steps from the hotel (told you, great location) we found this little lingerie shop tucked away. If you know me then you’ll know I’m lingerie obsessed and screamed when I found this little place. It’s all designed in Brooklyn and made in Italy using the most amazing lace and meshes. Not cheap, but a beautiful store stocking some really great pants.


Milk Bar, Williamsburg

Not strictly a Brooklyn-only place but genuinely my favourite place in NY. I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth but this place just gets me. You need to try their cereal flavoured soft serve and confetti cookies. I bought back five and would’ve carted the ice cream over with me too if it was possible. Crack Pie (yep) is their best seller but Kim and I found it a bit *too* sweet as it’s literally just butter and sugar but it might be your kind of thing.

Honourable BK and NY mentions; Joe’s Pizza. The Spiderman pizza place, as Kim told me 10347 times but genuinely the best slice we had in NYC. I actually had it for breakfast one day. Mr Purple was also a super fun bar on the LES with a really great view from the roof. Kinfolk bar near the hotel was lovely too. We grabbed a cocktail during the day and the doors were open with the sunshine streaming in.

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