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how to holiday on the amalfi coast
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This post has taken me a year to write, but better late than never eh!

I found when I visited the Amalfi coast that there wasn’t much practical information online and I’m definitely someone who worries about how often buses run and where I can go to a supermarket so this is for my fellow over-planners. Without further a-do, my top tips;

  1. Hire a car. SO do this if possible. It made our trip so much easier. The buses are honestly awful and come every 2 hours or essentially whenever they fancy. It’s also not very clear where they go, and naturally Citymapper doesn’t work there so just get a car. It’s a bit scary to drive at first but as long as you’re careful and confident you’ll be fine.

  2. Everywhere is good to eat. Being half Italian I might be a bit biased but honestly 99% of places are absolutely great. There are lots of family run restaurants dotted around and they all know a good bowl of pasta like the back of their hand so trust your gut and try literally anywhere.

  3. Visit Praiano. I was so set on getting ‘that’ photo on Positano beach but it was so expensive due to the area being a tourist trap. We actually found a gorgeous little beach in a town between Sorrento and Positano called Praiano and it was honestly the highlight of my trip. Quiet and beautiful with an amazing restaurant on the edge of the water, we ate there every day!


4. Take some comfortable shoes. Don’t assume because you’re going to the beach for the day you’ll only need flip flops. Big mistake! We had to park over a mile away as there’s very few designated car parks and then you essentially have to scale down the side of a mountain in order to get to a beach.

5. Do stop at the random stalls and shops. You can get hand painted crockery everywhere but there are some really cool ceramic shops where you can meet the artist, as well as old Italians selling limonata along the side of the roads while you’re driving into the towns. Definitely worth a look and you’re helping out a local!

6. Make your own decisions, don’t base it all on Pinterest! I know you’re reading a blog post but I went to a few places that the internet told me were beautiful only to find they’d been cleverly edited (some even had tourists removed, the sea cleaned etc!) to look a million times nicer than they actually were. Fiordo di Furore was one of these.

7. The nearest airport is Naples, which is another reason to hire a car. Hiring a car in itself is a whole world of stress but entirely worth it in my opinion! I believe there are bus transfers but essentially this tip is to make sure you plan ahead and ensure you can get to the coast when you land.

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I honestly can’t recommend a trip to Amalfi more, just do your research and go prepared! It’s such a beautiful place and lets face it, the food alone is worth the flight.

Let me know if you go and if you have any other tips!