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lfw aw16
LFW Feb'16 LFW Feb'16 LFW Feb'16 LFW Feb'16 LFW Feb'16 LFW Feb'16
ASOS coat and socks, ADIDAS trainers, CÉLINE sunglasses, COMME DES GARÇONS clutch, DANIEL WELLINGTON watch, BRANDY MELVILLE sweatshirt and H&M trousers

A quiet fashion week this season as uni is really hectic and to be honest I don't feel it very necessary to be there for more than a day or two! Whatever you're doing for it, hope you all had a fab Fash week!
Apologies for the miserable, badly edited photos too - need to get back on my A-game and stop being so moody when I'm cold!

lots of love xxx
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suit: missguided* (trousers and blazer)
bag: whistles
coat: asos (sale)

So I traipsed down to LFW today for a wander with Olivia and here's what I wore. I felt like I was a season behind everyone else but it was a last minute outfit, plus I've always wanted a suit. 
I was really in two minds about going this season as I didn't have any shows organised and I hadn't rsvp'd to any of the events I'd been invited to and just felt a bit out of the loop. I'm glad I went as I bumped into Leigh and spent the afternoon in the ME media lounge, as well as getting to say hi to a load of other blogger friends so it was a day well spent, even if it was about -2 and my hands went blue.
Next season I'm determined to either have a packed show schedule or to be working it, as I want to have a reason to go rather than being ~that~ person who goes to take photos. It is the industry I'm working and studying in, so I guess I should make more of an effort plus I'll be nearing graduating then so could be showing there one day... (can I get a 'lol').

Anyway, I'm off to Berlin on Sunday so will have a lot of content as well as a city guide (hopefully) going up in the next few weeks, hallelujah!
Have a good one x

lots of love xxx
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lfw s/s14 street style
Hannah and Danielle

Sarah and Arabella

Two Shoes One Pair, Shope, Hannah

So, as mentioned in my previous LFW post, I went with Oh My Love and we took some fab gals with us (Amy, Hannah, Shope and Danielle) to help street style the cobbles.
These are a few of the outfits that stood out the most to me, as well as the girls wearing OML. Please let me know if you're in this and not credited, as I am dreadful with names. Also please credit back if you use the photos!
lots of love xxx
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lfw s/s14

Leigh and I 
top: oh my love*
bra: forever 21
culottes: girls on film via asos
heels: topshop
coat: asos
So this post is a little late, but I headed down to Somerset House on the first day of LFW with the OML team as an intern/street style spotter/goodie bag giver-outter. We took a few fab bloggers to help street style and rock OML and then popped to The Delauney for afternoon tea. 
I decided to go all black and basically naked, which is unlike me but I really liked this little top and it didn't sit right with anything else under! Culottes are my new favourite thing ever. I have a total love affair with trousers going on at the mo. I finished the whole look off with a swish little hair-tuck and my new ASOS coat, which is basically a duvet. Little did I know it was going to be about 27 degrees.
I'm going to pop a street style post up too, I met some beautiful gals and I think they deserve their own post!
p.s sorry about the over exposed photos!
lots of love xxx
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lfw aw14

coat: h&m
top: burton (lol)
jeans: topshop pippa (so so old)
necklaces: h&m, primark, urban outfitters and dorothy perkins
bag: zara
hat: forever 21
shoes: topshop (gwenda)
I finally braved the cobbles, and after days of resting my leg up - (I've done some tissue damage) I finally felt it'd be ok to walk on, despite the pain. I was wrong but whatever.
I actually wore a ridiculously un-fashionable outfit, most of it being mega old (the jeans) or left at James' house after a party one night (the top), but that's fashun for ya.
I didn't go to any shows this time around as the ones I had invites for fell when I had work, but it was nice to go and experience the atmosphere. I had my photo taken about 100 times, with no exaggeration. I think there was one point where I had about 7 cameras on me at once, little old me!!
We ended up going into the Samsung lounge and taking some photos and filming for them, and got to have a play around with the new Galaxy Gear watch which is crazy. We then pottered around the Topshop presents area, and got to hear a few amazing new designer's stories. 
If you want to see what I did/wore last season, you can see here and here!
lots of love xxx
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lfw; backstage at mary katrantzou

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the Mary Kantrantzou show during LFW. I got to go backstage, which was an amazing experience. It was so hot and hectic, and the models are amazing. The girl I have photographed pulling faces was chatting away and making jokes, reminding you how normal they are! I also got to watch Lily hard at work, she was filming with St Tropez on and off all day as well as having to keep up with everything around her. Not an easy job! We then followed the show with cocktails and then a long old journey home, all slightly worse for wear.
The actual show was great. Kantrantzou's SS14 wear had two main collections within it, focusing on different statement prints including bright florals, and a more unique set with all sorts of designs within them, even brogue inspired patterns. The colours in the first set were relatively muted in comparison to the bright florals that were embellished with all sorts of gems and sequins. It was such a good experience for me, especially with the course I'm doing at uni. Oh yeah, and I sat practically opposite Anna Wintour, fashion God. I was taking not so sneaky pictures the whole time, I was in awe!
The whole day really gave me an insight into another part of the industry that I hadn't seen before. Now I'm just super excited to crack on with uni and get ready for next season!
lots of love xxx
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lfw; what i wore

shirt: zara
coat: zara (similar here)
handbag: alexander wang diego
boots: h&m
lipstick: mac ruby woo
hat: h&m
So, last week I attended LFW with St Tropez and Lily Melrose. I went backstage and watched the Mary Katrantzou show, and it was amazing! It was my first experience at LFW, as well as the first time I'd met Lily, so naturally I was so scared but she was lovely and the day was fab. (It didn't start off great, my phone was on 50% at 2pm, I was 40 minutes early and I fell down some stairs and ended up FLAT on my hands and knees right outside Westminster station. I then cried down the phone to my mum because I was so embarrassed, mega lol.)
Anyway, usual Georgia dramas aside, here is what I wore. I kinda wanted the whole "hey look, I'm standing on the cobbles at London Fashion week" photos, and Lily did offer to take them but by the time we got out it was cold and raining, so my reserve photos came in handy. I bought so many things to chose from, but ended up settling on this in a rush. I don't love it, but it was good enough. I was desperate for tartan trousers, but left it too last minute as per so houndstooth stood in.
I'm going to do a separate post on the backstage and show pics, so that will follow.
lots of love xxx
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p.s I am going to sell the skirt I wore. I have worn it once, it was £35 and it's a size 6-8. Give me a shout if you'd like it and we can sort out a cheaper price!