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puppy training 101

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Another one for you doggy owners, or potential dog owners for that matter! After posting my top tips on things to think about when getting a puppy, I thought that some things I've picked up re: training your little one might be handy too.

Positive reinforcement!

This is something Pepe and I are still working on, but every time he does anything good he gets a 'good boy' and perhaps a treat if they're to hand. That goes for everything from doing a wee outside to sitting on command.

Being alone

Whilst Pepe spends a lot of time with me, he does occasionally have some time to himself which is great for me but not so great for him. Que the


. I have always worried that he is barking or getting himself into trouble whilst I'm out and finally I have the answer! I have set up the device in the kitchen, which is where he sleeps and his food is. If you're not familiar, the Furbo is a pretty cute looking little machine which enables you to check on, speak to and reward your pup with treats. I often call him which beckons him to the device and then he feels comforted and sits and patiently waits for a treat. He was slightly apprehensive at first, but when he learned that treats pop out of it he wouldn't leave it alone! 


Something I realised whilst trying to teach Pepe to do a few basics (sit, lie down, paw) was just how many times you need to re-iterate what you're asking him to do before he understands. Dogs are creatures of habit, and eventually learn to associate words with actions so do keep at it, it just requires a lot of patience!


Pepe was born into a house with lots of dogs so he's always been good with them, but it's definitely important to make sure your fur child is capable of being docile and friendly with others. It's best to test the waters in a neutral space whilst on leads so you can judge their behaviour first.

Take it slow

Lastly, they're just babies so do remember that! I taught Pepe one thing at a time, including toilet training and learning to adjust to being on his own. Lots of love and encouragement and they should get the hang in no time.

So those are a few of my fave tips that I've picked up along the way. Do let me know if you're thinking of getting a puppy any time soon as I do love writing about Pepe so it'd be fab to know that someone uses it! You can also see more Pepe and Furbo action on Pepe's Instagram (yep) @pepebreadmctaco.

lots of love xxx

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getting a puppy
Pepe x Petplan
Following on from Bear's five minutes of fame, I thought it was only fair that Pepe got his chance to shine too. When Petplan got in touch and asked if I'd be interested sharing my #Pethoodstory, naturally I jumped at the chance to talk about my newest furry son.

I thought the best way to go about it (without just sitting here gushing about how great he is) was to talk about the highs and lows of getting a puppy, as well as a few things to note if you're thinking of doing the same.

So, a bit of a back story; I'd wanted a pug for what felt like forever, but in 2013 I stumbled upon Tako on Instagram and knew I needed one of these funny faced little friends first. I spent years planning, but with being at uni and living in rented housing, I could never take the plunge. Low and behold, whilst doing my weekly rounds on websites for Brussels Griffons, I found two lil lads in need of a new home. I rang my mum, flapping and of course was told not to be so ridiculous. Three weeks later, Pepe was in the back of my car on the way back to London. 
*I'm going to pop in here that I was comfortably self employed at this point!

It all sounds pretty romantic, and to be honest it was. I've grown up with dogs so knew what to expect, and obviously I have had Bear for five years so was used to some responsibility, but then the reality of suddenly having a tiny furry puppy that needed constant love and affection hit. Having a dog is very different to a cat, it's a lot more work, a lot more walks and a fair amount more poop (sorry). 
Things to consider when thinking if a puppy is right, right now:
  • Can you be with him/her a lot? Puppies get separation anxiety if left alone a lot and need to build a routine. Usually not possible without a dog walker, or someone to look after them if you're employed full time.
  • Are you ready to commit 10-20 years of your life? Nothing bothers me more than people getting pets for vanity reasons, and then later rehoming them or worse, abandoning them. They're a tiny member of the family and should be treated as such. As much as I'd like to have got rid of my sister, the premise is the same.
  • Can you afford to insure, feed and pay for all the miscellaneous costs that come with a puppy? They're definitely not cheap! Insurance is a must in my opinion, as well as picking good food based on their size and requirements etc.
They're a few things to think about if you're about to take the plunge, and they're all totally worth it for the endless love and accidents on the carpet, promise! Pepe is an absolute joy, and honestly just seeing the smile he puts on everyone's faces is so worth it. I can't take him anywhere without someone stopping us to say hello, even if he does often woof in their face.

Now onto the fun stuff! Petplan have given me the chance to giveaway a £150 Amazon voucher (lots of good dog things on there) to one of you guys! They're asking you to share your Pethood Stories and fill in the below form. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is in collaboration but all love for small animals and views are my own!

lots of love xxx
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how to be savvy on Black Friday and my picks

So Black Friday - it's on lads. I try and use it for useful purposes, which I'm going to explain in this post for ya, as well as show you a few of my favourite pieces! I've also strewn a few little shoppable banners throughout the post so go wild!

Hover over the above edit to shop, or see the widgets throughout the post.



1. Only buy what you would full price
It's entirely not a bargain if you wouldn't have thought about purchasing it in the first place. Think carefully before you impulse buy and make sure you'll get your wear out of it. I like to see if it would go with at least four outfits before I purchase.

2. Use it for Christmas presents!
Black Friday is great for treating yourself, but also fab for sorting those Christmas presents (fairly) early! I always buy for my sisters, as well as my Mum as they're pretty hard to buy for full price and it's nicer to be able to get a bit more for your money!

3. It's great to get furniture/bigger items you've been saving for
Perfect if you've just moved etc, but with retailers such as MADE offering discounts - why wait?! Items such as furniture don't often get reduced as they're not seasonal so consider buying whilst the discount is high.

4. See if any luxury items on your wishlist are reduced
Again, make sure you wanted it in the first place but BF is a great time to make that big purchase you've been saving for. A new handbag, or a pair of shoes might have a couple of hundred pounds off, which is a huge saving for anyone!


& Other Stories 

A full list of discounts:

Some more of my top picks from my favourite retailers:

La Redoute


lots of love xxx
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an ode to Bear
Bear Bear Bear Bear
Whiskas cat casseroles
So remember I got a rather naughty puppy a few months ago? Well if you follow me on Instagram you'll be very familiar with Pepe. In fact, you might even follow him. He's an absolute character and I love him to pieces, but pre-Pepe I was also a Mum (yes) to Bear. My five year old tabby cat, who's featured on this blog a few times himself - see here if you want to die at kitten photos.
I got him when I was lonely having just moved out aged 19 and was spending a lot of time alone as my then-boyfriend was living in Southampton. He became my little furry best pal and he's followed me about ever since. I feel like he doesn't get enough air time as he is mostly either asleep or eating, so when Whiskas wanted to work on this post I naturally jumped at the chance.
I think cats are the perfect pets, especially for us younger folk living in London. Whilst a dog is a huge commitment (not that a cat isn't!) a cat is more of a nice, calm best friend that just exists in your home, loves chin rubs and will often sleep on the pillow next to you. They don't require walking, love sharing a roast chicken with you (in moderation). He loves being on the bed as Pepe isn't allowed up here and will simply go insane if you get out any piece of string he could potentially grab. Including, but not limited to, raw hemmed jeans and dressing gown ropes.
His favourite snacks are Whiskas Temptations, especially the cheesy ones but he'll take any to be quite honest, and will always opt for wet food over dry. Even though he has to deal with both. He likes to hop on the kitchen work surface and is entertained for hours by simply looking out of the window.
Anyway, I thought I'd do a few pro's to having a cat in London in case you're on the fence:
  1. Small and furry, and mostly love snuggles (on their own accord, never yours mind)
  2. Thinks every day is Christmas when you put down food
  3. Sometimes purr just when you look at them
  4. Clean and look after themselves pretty much, very independent animals
  5. Enjoy time alone and are suited to being indoors
  6. Will play with any length of string-like material
  7. Has very cute beans on the end of their legs that are nice to look at when you're sad (see picture above)
So there's my little ode to Bear, my first born son. 

Post in collaboration with WHISKAS® but all thoughts and gushing about cats my own.
lots of love xxx
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a day in Brighton with trouva
I was lucky enough to be invited on a little staycation with Trouva last week so naturally I hotfooted it down to Brighton to stay in the amazing Artist's Residence (in the pouring rain may I add) for a cosy night in with my boyfriend before spending the day visiting some of Trouva's favourite Brighton boutiques. Trouva are an amazing online retailer of independent stores if you weren't sure. Totally an interiors obsessed gals' paradise. It's a real niche and an amazing way to shop and support small brands' and designers so I definitely recommend having a little gander if you're that way inclined (like me).
So, first up - the hotel! I've stayed here before a couple of years ago for my birthday, so it was a pleasure to be back. I kind of loved the fact it was pouring as it meant we could lie in bed, watch tv cuddled up and eat until our hearts were content. We so rarely don't 'do' anything when we're together so it was an absolute treat. We even had a bubble bath, so fab. 


The morning began with an amazing brunch at Artist's Residence, so obviously I went for something that had poached eggs and bacon. I was also with my pal Rachael and the lovely Claire so this made it eeeeven better as it's so nice getting to do these things with your friends! Brunch was followed by a little chat about Trouva and then a brief on the day. We visited three stores, being: Workshop, Dowse and Tidy Street General Store.
First was Workshop - an interiors focused store with a real minimal, Scandinavian feel. I picked up the Cereal guide to Copenhagen for my trip next month as well as some plants and some Grown Alchemist hand soap. I could quite literally live in here. The owners were so lovely too, giving us the low down on all the products and their sources. Not to mention gifting us a beautiful copper candle by SoH Melbourne - it's fig scented too which is my favourite!

Next we popped into Dowse and met the owner, Susannah who chatted us through what she sold and the stores' history. Dowse tend to stock independent designers as well as the owners' work with lots of bold colours and patterns, and tonnes of amazing pottery! Susannah also makes her own jewellery which is sold in the store which has an amazing geometric feel in mixed metals.
Lastly was Tidy Street General Store which is a fashion focused boutique but with lots of jewellery and accessories, and even the odd piece of crockery. The handbags are amazing, not to mention some of the brands they stock (Rachel Comey hiya!). I picked up a cute little gold necklace with an initial pendant to pop on it but very nearly left with another four hundred and two basket bags but luckily managed to restrain myself. The perfect stop off for something unique and almost certainly bang on trend.
I'd never considered doing a little Trouva-tour before, so it's definitely something to think about if you're in an area where there are a lot of their boutiques! 
Trouva are also giving you the chance to win a two night stay in either Brighton or Cornwall Artist's Residence and £500 to spend on their site! Enter here, and best of luck!

T&C's: Comp closes at midnight on 31st August 2018. Entrants much live in the UK and be over 18. 

Post in collaboration with Trouva but all thoughts and love of stuff my own!
lots of love xxx
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single man wisdom
Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed
STORIES jumper*, ASOS trousers*, ALL SAINTS jacket, ASOS bag*, VANS old skool

Photos by Hannah

Ah, let's talk about exes. My favourite. Someone said something to me which inspired this blog post, so let's cover that first. I had been seeing someone (very relaxed, nothing more than mates who get drunk and well... yes) so we tend to chat about shitty men and other guys I've been more seriously dating etc and he gives me his manly two cents. Anyway, I told this guy that I had briefly started seeing my ex again. YES I KNOW ALRIGHT. The slightly sociopathic (or not, whatever he says) one, not mr 8 years. Anyway, he knew all about the whole situation with him when we'd ended before and he literally just looked at me mid-way through me justifying why I'd gone there and said:

       "you do know there's other men.."

Alright mate, of course there's other men. What's your point? And then it struck me that he really hit the nail on the head with single men wisdom. In essence; I've yet to date someone who seems even vaguely hung up over it ending, or willing to give it another go, fight for it or think it's worth more than calling it quits at an early stage. The reality probably being that they all know there's a million other single girls and they'll find some of my qualities in someone else, so why bother with the chase? I GET IT NOW.

So, how does this relate to my ex? Well, his point was why on earth am I trying again with the same guy who treated me badly at the end of our relationship (admittedly I loved him when we were together, and was very happy) when there are millions of other single men who possess the same things I loved about him, but maybe less of the things I didn't. And that kind of just felt like an outright punch in the face because it literally spoke to me lol. 

I think as women, specifically me in general, we fight for something if we think it's worth it. I never seem to quit anything, even if I bloody hate it. I stuck out the worst year of my life at art college because I couldn't face giving up, stayed in a relationship that had many faults for eight years, carried on seeing people I knew weren't fussed about me because I saw potential - good and bad for me, situation dependent. I guess this was no different, I remembered how happy I'd been the first time around and thought maybe it could work now - better timings, we knew each other really well, lived close etc. Well I was wrong, I'll leave it as people don't change. Soz about it. For the most part, people don't want to change either - as their way of doing things works for them. Even if it sucks for you.

So yes, if you're out there struggling - do you know there's other men?? Chances are you'll find one when you're not really expecting anything, eventually. I hope. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and that you should also fight for what you want in life. If after fighting it still doesn't work, well sack it off. It probably wasn't meant to be. I've tried pretty hard to make things I believe in work lately, and if when it still doesn't, I've attempted to slop my feelings to one side and tried to scrape back any dignity I might have left and walk away from it. Hard but a life lesson eh. Sometimes people just aren't worth your efforts, maybe.

The end, enough blabbering.

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lots of love xxx
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a new home wishlist

So as you may have seen on my Instagram stories, I'm in the midst of moving house. While it's a stressful experience I'd rather not have to go through - my current tenancy was up and it was time to move on. I'm vlogging the whole fiasco here, so keep an eye out for that!

Nonetheless, I'm still excited about the prospect of decorating a new space so here are a few things I'm buying. I'll be sure to do a post on my new space when it's done!

Also, I'm really sorry about the lack of outfits posts of late. I feel terrible about it and I promise once life has settled down a little bit I'll be back on it. I'm also planning a massive blog refresh so it's all go here.

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lots of love xxx
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five good things
The Hox The Hox The Hox The Hox
Photos by Hannah, shot at The Hoxton Paris 

In the spirit of making positive changes and all that, I thought I'd dedicate a post to five things that are good right now.

1. my pals
Throughout all the shit this year, I realised I have some really good friends. I pride myself on being a good mate who'd do anything for you and it was so good to feel some luv back. Hannah has been a bloody red headed babe, Olivia is my ride or die for life and a few non internet friends who've just made my life that little bit sweeter. I love you and you're great. My wonderful Mumma has also been a gem, she deserves all the good things.

2. dating
A weird one, but I've been having so much fun dating! I've only had a few terrible ones but aside from that, meeting new people, getting butterflies and doing things my Mum definitely wouldn't approve of (and she's very chill) is so exciting. I've never experienced it before so it's all new and fun - I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon but I'm riding it out until then!

3. Bear
My little mate, Bear (my cat) has been such a saviour for me. I love him and he knows when I'm sad, I'm sure. He doesn't leave my side and he's got such a nice little squishy face and I love him even if he occasionally poops on the rug. He's currently curled up around my legs as I write this, such a good little pal.

4. internetting
Having no financial security is terrifying, and splitting up with my long-term ex was scary for that reason, but it's meant that I've thrown myself into my blog, youtube and other online things. I'm loving getting a routine sorted, meeting friends to shoot with all the time and keeping this little space going. It's really rewarding when people tell you you're doing a good job, and I had so many lovely girls getting in touch re: my long old being happy post and it was so reassuring to know I wasn't alone and hopefully help a few others out in my struggs.

5. new beginnings
So I've been looking for freelance jobs to sit alongside my blog - a bit more security, some new work friends and a new focus is everything I need right now. I'm also moving house again in January and for the first time ever, I've got to find a completely unknown flatmate to live with, which at first I was finding so so daunting but after scouring out who's about - there seems to be so many lovely girls in my exact position that are also looking so fingers crossed it could actually be exciting!
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What's making you happy?

lots of love xxx
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making positive changes
So Shape Positive Changes Positive Changes Positive Changes Positive Changes So Shape
Following on from my post where I spoke about trying to make myself happier, I decided it was time for a bit of a lifestyle overhaul. While I'm usually fairly healthy by my own accord, I'm sure you all understand how hard it is to get back into a routine when you're in a negative place.
With that in mind, and motivation at an all time low, I decided on a few small things in order to make some positive changes to my lifestyle! I started with something as simple as picking up some new stationary from Kikki.K - they're all super cute and filled with inspirational quotes and good ideas to pick yourself up. 

Next up, my diet. I have a naturally slim build and luckily I can go through phases of eating what I like and not suffering too many repercussions. That being said, I know that I need to wise-up a little bit in terms of making sure I'm getting enough nutrients and vitamins - this is especially important as my CFS always takes a dive when I eat terribly. I've found that whenever I'm miserable I eat awfully, as I'm sure so many of us do. So when So Shape approached me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their challenge, I jumped at the chance. The concept is, you choose how long you wish to eat the Smart Meals for, and then order accordingly. There's about one billion different flavours to choose from (or 22 to be precise), but me being me, I went for all the sweet options in the hope they'd be like drinking a milkshake. They're easy to prepare with water and the bottle you get when you order and pretty simple to have on the go. I've been having one in the morning then two regular meals for lunch and dinner. I've been trying to up my vegetable intake and eating loads of grains etc alongside. After 14 days I would say that I've noticed my energy levels peak slightly (as far as mine can...) and my stomach feels a lot flatter - notably because I've cut a lot of the rubbish out that was constantly bloating me. I didn't really have any excess weight to lose, so that wasn't why I did it but I have noticed I feel a lot less sluggish. You can read more about the challenge and smart meals here
Speaking of my CFS, it leads on well to my need of more sleep. I have a terrible routine of going to bed ridiculously late and replying to emails at 1am, so that needed to stop. I picked up Lush's Sleepy cream after reading so many good things about it and have been using it every night religiously. I'm not sure if it's just a placebo effect, but it seems to be actually helping with falling and staying asleep so it's a yes from me. You can get 10% off a 14 or 28 day challenge with the code GEORGIA10 too!

Lastly, exercise. Now, I have the fitness levels of an elderly sloth so I needed something that wouldn't be too taxing, nor exhaust me too much - calling yoga. I downloaded the Daily Yoga app and have been doing their challenges which I find so much harder than I should haha. I really struggle with getting my breathing right and by the time I've nailed it, it's onto the next pose! Either way, I'm slowly getting there and it feels refreshing to just be actually doing something to be honest. I'm thinking once I've got a little bit more confident with it, I'll try and find a local class and convince a friend to come with me. 
I mainly accredit all of these things to building a routine - it's so much easier to stick to things you do daily without too much thought than it is to find time randomly. Now I've finished the So Shape challenge, I've been able to fill the meal replacements with healthy smoothies and keep up the 5/6 a day that I was managing whilst drinking them. I'm also into the swing of getting yoga into my daily (or every other day at least) routine and putting my Sleepy cream on every night before bed. Simple things and yet they all make such a difference.

Post in collaboration with So Shape, but as always, all opinions and words are my own!

lots of love xxx
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