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I never finish anyt-

I thought I'd write a little ode to me never finishing anything, or more specifically, never finishing anything I commit to online.

Now I’m actually a person who usually, once committed to something, will never leave it half finished. I stuck out a foundation diploma that I hated every bloody minute of, stayed with an ex I should’ve left sooner for eight whole years, will always clean a room within an inch of it’s life and never just spring clean, and have even had the same car since I was 17. I’m not sure if I’m just really sentimental, or just hate quitting something I’ve dedicated time or effort to.


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In essence I don’t really know what the point in this blog post was. I think it might have been to express some frustration I have with my own motivation when it comes to my blog, and content in general. For example, if you’re a long term reader you may remember some of the many series I’ve started on this blog. There was a Sunday update at one point many moons ago, then monthly favourites and most recently - ‘The Weekly Edit’. I managed three posts, not even all on time and then I gave up. I gave up because a) I didn’t think anyone was finding them useful and b) I think my motivation behind sticking with something is if I, or someone else is benefitting from it, or it makes life easier, or is something I simply can’t avoid doing and I don’t think any fitted those categories.

I often find that I have all these great ideas when it comes to shooting or writing, and they either never come off or they don’t come out as planned and then I get fed up with myself. So really, I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to live up to expectations I can’t always meet.

I think what I need to take from this, is while I can’t commit to certain pressures and promise content I can’t create, I don’t need to. I can create as I can and wish and so can you. So many people I know who work in this industry are struggling with keeping up with posting schedules and succumbing to the pressure of three Instagram’s a day and two videos a week but are unhappy with what they’re creating and that’s entirely not why any of us started this! There’s no worse content than forced content (it’s always pretty obvious) so I think we all just need to take a step back.

This is my career and I do by all means take it seriously and work bloody hard but some times we all just need a little break from the constant online life.

So here’s to creating content I love, as and when I can and hopefully that in itself will motivate me to create more often. Hope you enjoyed this random word vomit, I’ve had a wine.

G x