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how to holiday on the amalfi coast
amalfi .jpg

This post has taken me a year to write, but better late than never eh!

I found when I visited the Amalfi coast that there wasn’t much practical information online and I’m definitely someone who worries about how often buses run and where I can go to a supermarket so this is for my fellow over-planners. Without further a-do, my top tips;

  1. Hire a car. SO do this if possible. It made our trip so much easier. The buses are honestly awful and come every 2 hours or essentially whenever they fancy. It’s also not very clear where they go, and naturally Citymapper doesn’t work there so just get a car. It’s a bit scary to drive at first but as long as you’re careful and confident you’ll be fine.

  2. Everywhere is good to eat. Being half Italian I might be a bit biased but honestly 99% of places are absolutely great. There are lots of family run restaurants dotted around and they all know a good bowl of pasta like the back of their hand so trust your gut and try literally anywhere.

  3. Visit Praiano. I was so set on getting ‘that’ photo on Positano beach but it was so expensive due to the area being a tourist trap. We actually found a gorgeous little beach in a town between Sorrento and Positano called Praiano and it was honestly the highlight of my trip. Quiet and beautiful with an amazing restaurant on the edge of the water, we ate there every day!


4. Take some comfortable shoes. Don’t assume because you’re going to the beach for the day you’ll only need flip flops. Big mistake! We had to park over a mile away as there’s very few designated car parks and then you essentially have to scale down the side of a mountain in order to get to a beach.

5. Do stop at the random stalls and shops. You can get hand painted crockery everywhere but there are some really cool ceramic shops where you can meet the artist, as well as old Italians selling limonata along the side of the roads while you’re driving into the towns. Definitely worth a look and you’re helping out a local!

6. Make your own decisions, don’t base it all on Pinterest! I know you’re reading a blog post but I went to a few places that the internet told me were beautiful only to find they’d been cleverly edited (some even had tourists removed, the sea cleaned etc!) to look a million times nicer than they actually were. Fiordo di Furore was one of these.

7. The nearest airport is Naples, which is another reason to hire a car. Hiring a car in itself is a whole world of stress but entirely worth it in my opinion! I believe there are bus transfers but essentially this tip is to make sure you plan ahead and ensure you can get to the coast when you land.

Image 2.jpeg

I honestly can’t recommend a trip to Amalfi more, just do your research and go prepared! It’s such a beautiful place and lets face it, the food alone is worth the flight.

Let me know if you go and if you have any other tips!


a day in Brighton with trouva
I was lucky enough to be invited on a little staycation with Trouva last week so naturally I hotfooted it down to Brighton to stay in the amazing Artist's Residence (in the pouring rain may I add) for a cosy night in with my boyfriend before spending the day visiting some of Trouva's favourite Brighton boutiques. Trouva are an amazing online retailer of independent stores if you weren't sure. Totally an interiors obsessed gals' paradise. It's a real niche and an amazing way to shop and support small brands' and designers so I definitely recommend having a little gander if you're that way inclined (like me).
So, first up - the hotel! I've stayed here before a couple of years ago for my birthday, so it was a pleasure to be back. I kind of loved the fact it was pouring as it meant we could lie in bed, watch tv cuddled up and eat until our hearts were content. We so rarely don't 'do' anything when we're together so it was an absolute treat. We even had a bubble bath, so fab. 


The morning began with an amazing brunch at Artist's Residence, so obviously I went for something that had poached eggs and bacon. I was also with my pal Rachael and the lovely Claire so this made it eeeeven better as it's so nice getting to do these things with your friends! Brunch was followed by a little chat about Trouva and then a brief on the day. We visited three stores, being: Workshop, Dowse and Tidy Street General Store.
First was Workshop - an interiors focused store with a real minimal, Scandinavian feel. I picked up the Cereal guide to Copenhagen for my trip next month as well as some plants and some Grown Alchemist hand soap. I could quite literally live in here. The owners were so lovely too, giving us the low down on all the products and their sources. Not to mention gifting us a beautiful copper candle by SoH Melbourne - it's fig scented too which is my favourite!

Next we popped into Dowse and met the owner, Susannah who chatted us through what she sold and the stores' history. Dowse tend to stock independent designers as well as the owners' work with lots of bold colours and patterns, and tonnes of amazing pottery! Susannah also makes her own jewellery which is sold in the store which has an amazing geometric feel in mixed metals.
Lastly was Tidy Street General Store which is a fashion focused boutique but with lots of jewellery and accessories, and even the odd piece of crockery. The handbags are amazing, not to mention some of the brands they stock (Rachel Comey hiya!). I picked up a cute little gold necklace with an initial pendant to pop on it but very nearly left with another four hundred and two basket bags but luckily managed to restrain myself. The perfect stop off for something unique and almost certainly bang on trend.
I'd never considered doing a little Trouva-tour before, so it's definitely something to think about if you're in an area where there are a lot of their boutiques! 
Trouva are also giving you the chance to win a two night stay in either Brighton or Cornwall Artist's Residence and £500 to spend on their site! Enter here, and best of luck!

T&C's: Comp closes at midnight on 31st August 2018. Entrants much live in the UK and be over 18. 

Post in collaboration with Trouva but all thoughts and love of stuff my own!
lots of love xxx
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some life updates and granita
Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano
FOREVER 21 dress,  ZARA sandals (similar), ALDO sunglasses, TOPSHOP bag

Alreet lads, how are we? I'm making a conscious effort to blog more as it makes me really sad to think of this platform kind of dying out. I love reading blogs and sifting through pretty imagery so I hope it sticks around for a while! That said, I am aiming for three posts a week and a potential shift to Wordpress so here goes nothing.

Anyway, this is another outfit that I wore whilst on the Amalfi coast - I found this little linen dress for a tiny £16 so absolutely recommend snapping it up. I'm wearing a S for reference.

In terms of some updates, where are we? Firstly I'm still giving freelance/self employment a crack. It's bloody hard work and I'm not sure how long I can put up with it but I do enjoy every stress filled, invoice chasing minute. I'm also assisting some lovely ladies on creative bits and bobs which I also enjoy, so nice to work on a creative level with other bloggers.

I also spent the weekend at Trnsmt festival with Hannah, which was an experience. Not mad keen on being in the same place as 1028539 drugged up 16 year olds, but seeing Arctic Monkeys for the first time was bloody amazing. I also really loved Glasgow as a city and am going to try and squeeze another trip in ASAP. 

Speaking of trips, I've also just booked to go to Copenhagen again with my boyfriend in September. Lol, yep. Boyfriend. Hahaha feels weird being a girlfriend again, I've kind of forgotten what I'm supposed to do as I'm so used to being the long-term-gal-who-does-everything-and-gives-all-the-love so it's a bit of an adjustment, seeing as I don't think I was even in full swing of being single, let alone the new girl. Nonetheless, he's literally great and a complete spice (lol hi Kim you're defo reading this) so I'm super happy and finally have someone to adventure with again. Everything really does happen for a reason, init. Anyway, it'll be my third time in the city but do shout if you've got any recommendations!

That's probably all for now, speak to you soon.

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lots of love xxx
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white dress in positano
Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano Positano
ASOS dress, ASOS shoes (old but similar) and ALDO sunglasses

Finally a new blog post! I really am rubbish as this considering it's my job. Nonetheless, this is a quick outfit that I wore whilst away on the Amalfi coast with one of my best friends. There are billions of photos on my Instagram (@glameramo) if you wanted to see a few more before they're live on the blog. I was really focusing on creating some content that I was really proud of so I hope you like it!

Either way, I adore this dress - it's so easy to wear and as you can see it needs so little dressing up. Perfect for the pastel Positano background.

I've also got a big old tips and tricks post on holidaying in the Amalfi as there are so many things I wasn't aware of that I learnt while I was there which might be helpful if you're planning a trip out there, so keep your eyes peeled if it's of interest to you!

Anyway, back soon - have a fab day!

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lots of love xxx
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Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash Paris in a flash
MISS SELFRIDGE suit jacket (also here) and trousers, H&M shirt, URBAN OUTFITTERS shoes (similar), SANDRO bag, DAISY JEWELLERY necklace* and GLOSSIER lipstick in zip

Photos by Hannah
Hannah and I decided to try and shoot using my flash gun while we were in Paris and this was the result. I'm not sure how I feel about it but hey, let's talk about this suit. If you ever needed anything, it was probably a velvet suit to be honest with you guys.
I hope you lot have a fab weekend and are all feeling festive.
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lots of love xxx
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thoughts on los angeles
Shot on 35mm, Olympus mju-ii

Another bunch of film - this time from my really recent trip to LA in September/October. So, why was I there? I found fairly cheap flights on Norwegian and slowly gave Olivia no choice but to come with.

I visited the same time last year, and must say I left not really feeling anything for the city. I was suffering with fairly bad anxiety at the time, and I think that hindered my trip a lot. I nearly didn't get on the plane, so that kinda says it all. I also desperately wanted to love it so putting that kind of pressure on the trip was a bit stupid too.

Anyway, this time I went back armed with loads of things to do and a new mindset. I think being with one of my favourite people really helped too. We ate loads of In'n'Out, drank far too many cocktails and laughed at mean boys the whole time. We also had a car this time around, and spent a lot of time just driving around and exploring. We visited Culver City, Santa Monica, DTLA, Malibu and loads of other places. I think Culver and Venice are two of my favourite areas, both really laid back and chilled. We also road tripped to Vegas in the middle for two nights which was fun. I love driving in America - the roads are wide and there's so much to see in the middle of nowhere. The little towns never cease to amaze me and leave me asking "what if they need a hospital?" or "where do they do their food shop and buy their clothes?"

It's got a weird vibe, parts are fancy and expensive (yah, Beverly Hills) and then other parts scream of sadness, with lots of homeless people and visible drug use. Then there's the beachy areas - just a short drive from places like Downtown which has a big city feel. It's all over the place, but I think it's cool that you can dart around depending on how you're feeling.

LA definitely got me this time around. It still doesn't compare to NY for me, but it's a close second. I'd love to do a month here, followed by a month in New York (and find a nice, bearded American man to marry...) but anyway, there's my two cents on Los Angeles! I really hope to head back soon so keep your eyes peeled...

lots of love xxx
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thoughts on new york
New York New York New York New York New York New York
Shot on 35mm, Olympus mju-ii

I like the idea of making my blog a little bit more personal, so I thought what better excuse to use these random film photos from my travels than to ramble a little bit about where they were taken?

So the story behind these, is I was due to join my then-boyfriend in Miami for a few days but Hurricane Irma had other plans. I flew out to Miami (solo, may I add. Anxiety 0 - Georgia 1!) and then we hopped in a blue Mustang and drove up to NYC. 

He'd never been, and it's one of my favourite places on earth and my complete happy place so despite the 22 hour drive, I figured I'd love to show him around some of my favourite spots. We wound up driving (or fleeing) through Florida, Georgia (hehe I got to stay a night in Savannah - I've officially slept in Georgia) and then both Carolinas, Virginia, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and then finally hitting NYC.

Not going to tell you the drive was fun - we nearly killed each other and were desperately tired when we finally arrived but being in a Mustang - my favourite car - made it kind of ok.

So, New York. I've been about seven times now, and each time I feel a little less like I want to come home. It's really similar to London - which is obviously where I was born and where I call home. I'm a real home-bird and hate being away for too long, so it surprises me how much I bloody love it. It just oozes cool - all the girls are dressed impeccably, people are friendly, it's easy to get about and always busy. I think I'd like to live on the Lower East Side - think Shoreditch but a bit more grimy ha.
I think I'll always regret not making the most of an easier-to-come-by student visa and spending some time out there, but unfortunately I wasn't brave enough and was in a very long term relationship so didn't want to abandon that. Life, eh, as living in America is almost impossible once you're out of uni.

lots of love xxx
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a city guide: madrid

So I recently decided to book a spontaneous three day trip to Madrid, with the new man in tow and while I wasn't really feeling asking him to shoot outfit pictures just yet, I had to produce a little city guide.
It was my second time in Madrid, and I have to admit that I wasn't overwhelmed the first time so I really researched different places this time and think I found a few gems.
Madrid Madrid

1. parque del retiro
Starting with an obvious one, but we naturally had to have a little wander around El Retiro park. It's full of beautiful grounds and has a huge lake (? or pond?) in the centre where you can hire little rowing boats. Overall a pretty romantic place to stroll around - plus there's loads of little cafes to stop for an ice cream...

Madrid Madrid Madrid

2. room007 sol
The reason we ended up picking Madrid for our little break was actually due to an email from Room007 offering us a complimentary stay which was perfectly timed. Room007 is a hostel but with all of the amenities of a hotel. We had a private room which was v.important to me (I don't think I'm a sharing kind of girl!) with a cute little shower and toilet encased within. The room was pretty much brand new and super minimal with a cool Scandi vibe which I loved. Pretty much all you need for a few nights R&R. 
Worth mentioning we did have a few problems with our reservation (i.e. a receptionist came into our room at 4am thinking it was empty and woke us up!) but the hotel dealt with it professionally and all ended well so overall I totally recommend a stay!

Madrid Madrid Madrid

3. platea
This was potentially my favourite place to visit - Platea is a beautifully decorated 'restaurant' for want of a better word, but with loads of different cuisines and two cocktail bars inside. The atmosphere was buzzing and the fact you're seated with a menu rather than having to trawl around ordering from different places was a total plus.
I went for pulled pork tacos which were amazzzing, while Mike had a steak because he literally always gets that.
We also sampled the bar on the entry level and it was fab. I had a gin Collins while Mike had a Negroni. He's a bar manager/mixologist guy by trade and says they were good - so there's your review!

Madrid Madrid

4. chocolaterîa san gines
A CHURRO RESTAURANT THAT IS OPEN 24/7. Need I say more? You get a mug of chocolate. Go already.

Madrid Madrid

5. roommate oscar terrace
As our hotel didn't have a pool, and the weather hit a ridiculous 35 degrees - we went on a search for somewhere we could chill out and have a dip. While Madrid does have various lidos, I had heard that they get very busy so we looked for something a little more private.
Roommate Oscar is a hotel in the town centre where you can pay €35 each to relax on their roof terrace, use their towels and be greeted with a glass of champagne on arrival. Totally worth it and a lovely space. Just a warning though, everything up here is really pricey so bare that in mind!


lots of love xxx
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a city guide: amsterdam, the netherlands
Amsterdam Brix Brix
1. brix
This one was recommended to us by a few friends, and it proved a winner. Brix is a cute little cafe/restaurant with the most adorable interiors perched in The Nine Streets area, settled amongst lots of boutiques and independent brands. James ordered a 'chicken thigh burger' and that's what turned up. It was pretty epic, not even mentioning the fresh flowers and marble tables.

£? €30 for two for lunch

Citizen M Citizen M

2. citizen m, amsterdam
I'm pretty much an advocate for Citizen M hotels now, and if I like somewhere I will stay there whenever I can. With the coolest, most modern rooms ever, a huge TV and loads of movies as well as a 24 hour bar/restaurant downstairs - could anyone complain, ever? The staff were beyond brilliant too, so friendly and they even offer free bikes to explore the city if you didn't fancy the 45 second walk to the tram stop, because... you know.

Sissy Boy Sissy Boy Sissy Boy 3. sissy boy
Stop the press, I have literally found my haven. I visited Sissy Boy three times in three days while in Amsterdam. It's the most wonderful brand that has their own line of womens, mens and childrenswear as well as the most adorable home wear you can imagine. I fell head over heels in love with SO much, but naturally having hand luggage only meant I nearly left empty handed. Luckily you can shop online to the UK, so fill ya boots.

Libertine 4.  libertine cafe
This was an adorable little spot in "De Negen Straatjes" or The Nine Streets to you and I, and was a great place to grab lunch. Libertine has a pretty little menu but with the entire thing having an Italian delicatessen feel, while perched on a marble/dark wood table/chair combo, it's set to be a winner. 

£? €30-50 for two for lunch

The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club

5.  the breakfast club
I mean, we couldn't not go to the Breakfast Club when James runs one, could we? This one isn't affiliated with any in the UK, but still cute nonetheless. A little less kitsch, but still offering damn good pancakes - potentially even the best I've had. James went for a Cuban sandwich which he said was fantastic, so overall a definite must-eat.

£? €15-20 a head for brunch

The Makers Store The Makers Store

6. the maker store
Pretty much the coolest 'brick-a-brac' (totally an injustice) store you'll stumble upon. Selling all sorts of handmade pieces  and stocking all sorts of independent brands of everything from whiskey to magazines. A total treasure trove if you're local.

lots of love xxx
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