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jumper, STRADIVARIUS boots (


), CÉLINE bag

I promised I'd do another outfit post soon, so here I am, before the year is out. I get pretty sad because I often feel like there's no place for blog any more, and few people take the time out to read them now. I really miss both blogging and finding the time to read more, so if you have any faves please do send them my way.

In other news, this outfit was a few weeks ago when it wasn't positively arctic - hence the lack of coat. I'm struggling to find a place for these satin skirts now it's so chilly. I don't think they suit tights or taller boots so I'm at a bit of a loss, any ideas?

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lots of love xxx

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getting a puppy
Pepe x Petplan
Following on from Bear's five minutes of fame, I thought it was only fair that Pepe got his chance to shine too. When Petplan got in touch and asked if I'd be interested sharing my #Pethoodstory, naturally I jumped at the chance to talk about my newest furry son.

I thought the best way to go about it (without just sitting here gushing about how great he is) was to talk about the highs and lows of getting a puppy, as well as a few things to note if you're thinking of doing the same.

So, a bit of a back story; I'd wanted a pug for what felt like forever, but in 2013 I stumbled upon Tako on Instagram and knew I needed one of these funny faced little friends first. I spent years planning, but with being at uni and living in rented housing, I could never take the plunge. Low and behold, whilst doing my weekly rounds on websites for Brussels Griffons, I found two lil lads in need of a new home. I rang my mum, flapping and of course was told not to be so ridiculous. Three weeks later, Pepe was in the back of my car on the way back to London. 
*I'm going to pop in here that I was comfortably self employed at this point!

It all sounds pretty romantic, and to be honest it was. I've grown up with dogs so knew what to expect, and obviously I have had Bear for five years so was used to some responsibility, but then the reality of suddenly having a tiny furry puppy that needed constant love and affection hit. Having a dog is very different to a cat, it's a lot more work, a lot more walks and a fair amount more poop (sorry). 
Things to consider when thinking if a puppy is right, right now:
  • Can you be with him/her a lot? Puppies get separation anxiety if left alone a lot and need to build a routine. Usually not possible without a dog walker, or someone to look after them if you're employed full time.
  • Are you ready to commit 10-20 years of your life? Nothing bothers me more than people getting pets for vanity reasons, and then later rehoming them or worse, abandoning them. They're a tiny member of the family and should be treated as such. As much as I'd like to have got rid of my sister, the premise is the same.
  • Can you afford to insure, feed and pay for all the miscellaneous costs that come with a puppy? They're definitely not cheap! Insurance is a must in my opinion, as well as picking good food based on their size and requirements etc.
They're a few things to think about if you're about to take the plunge, and they're all totally worth it for the endless love and accidents on the carpet, promise! Pepe is an absolute joy, and honestly just seeing the smile he puts on everyone's faces is so worth it. I can't take him anywhere without someone stopping us to say hello, even if he does often woof in their face.

Now onto the fun stuff! Petplan have given me the chance to giveaway a £150 Amazon voucher (lots of good dog things on there) to one of you guys! They're asking you to share your Pethood Stories and fill in the below form. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is in collaboration but all love for small animals and views are my own!

lots of love xxx
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five great things in 2018

Yay, a happy post! I thought Id'd get ahead of the new year posts and tell you about some nice things that have happened over the past year, as some of you might care.
1. I gave birth to my second son, Pepé. Lol ok I didn't birth him but he is my fur son. I brought this little bundle of constant pooping home in February and whilst it has been testing at times, he ultimately brings me (and everyone he meets) absolute joy.

2. Another new addition to the Meramo and pet clan was Kim. My new bff, lover and personal head massager. If you followed along through my dating woes, you'll remember I was very single, and whilst I did enjoy it, I'm very very very happy to have found a heck of a guy. He's very handsome too.

3. I made a real job and managed it for a year! Wahoo! Whilst I technically have been self employed since July 2017, 2018 marks my first full year going it alone. I'm very proud of myself, I've done some really cool campaign shoots for Oasis, spent a lot of time creating content with Josie and Niomi and all round had some laughs. It's been a good time.
4. I also think 2018 was the first year I really lived and did fun things. I went to lots of gigs, visited Scotland for the first time, took a trip with one of my best pals (blog post still to come from June lol) and generally said yes to doing way more. My M.E might be cursing me but I had a great time and I've got the battle scars, and a full sleeve of tattoos to prove it.
5. Way back in January I also started fresh in a new flat, on my own (before I found my flatmate!) and made a new home. I've always lived with friends or a boyfriend so it was a big change for me but I loved it in the end. I had so much freedom to do as I fancied, which worked well when saying yes to everything, but also just made me feel like an actual adult for the first time. It was kind of fun to stand on my own two feet for a while, even if I stand on Kim's a bit now.
So those were five good things that happened to me in 2018. I can't express how shit 2017 was for me, so I am bloody relieved to have had a fun year! Of course there was low points, but we don't need any doom and gloom here today so I won't go into them, plus you probably saw me moaning about them on Twitter.
What were your highlights of 2018?

lots of love xxx
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how to be savvy on Black Friday and my picks

So Black Friday - it's on lads. I try and use it for useful purposes, which I'm going to explain in this post for ya, as well as show you a few of my favourite pieces! I've also strewn a few little shoppable banners throughout the post so go wild!

Hover over the above edit to shop, or see the widgets throughout the post.



1. Only buy what you would full price
It's entirely not a bargain if you wouldn't have thought about purchasing it in the first place. Think carefully before you impulse buy and make sure you'll get your wear out of it. I like to see if it would go with at least four outfits before I purchase.

2. Use it for Christmas presents!
Black Friday is great for treating yourself, but also fab for sorting those Christmas presents (fairly) early! I always buy for my sisters, as well as my Mum as they're pretty hard to buy for full price and it's nicer to be able to get a bit more for your money!

3. It's great to get furniture/bigger items you've been saving for
Perfect if you've just moved etc, but with retailers such as MADE offering discounts - why wait?! Items such as furniture don't often get reduced as they're not seasonal so consider buying whilst the discount is high.

4. See if any luxury items on your wishlist are reduced
Again, make sure you wanted it in the first place but BF is a great time to make that big purchase you've been saving for. A new handbag, or a pair of shoes might have a couple of hundred pounds off, which is a huge saving for anyone!


& Other Stories 

A full list of discounts:

Some more of my top picks from my favourite retailers:

La Redoute


lots of love xxx
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an ode to Bear
Bear Bear Bear Bear
Whiskas cat casseroles
So remember I got a rather naughty puppy a few months ago? Well if you follow me on Instagram you'll be very familiar with Pepe. In fact, you might even follow him. He's an absolute character and I love him to pieces, but pre-Pepe I was also a Mum (yes) to Bear. My five year old tabby cat, who's featured on this blog a few times himself - see here if you want to die at kitten photos.
I got him when I was lonely having just moved out aged 19 and was spending a lot of time alone as my then-boyfriend was living in Southampton. He became my little furry best pal and he's followed me about ever since. I feel like he doesn't get enough air time as he is mostly either asleep or eating, so when Whiskas wanted to work on this post I naturally jumped at the chance.
I think cats are the perfect pets, especially for us younger folk living in London. Whilst a dog is a huge commitment (not that a cat isn't!) a cat is more of a nice, calm best friend that just exists in your home, loves chin rubs and will often sleep on the pillow next to you. They don't require walking, love sharing a roast chicken with you (in moderation). He loves being on the bed as Pepe isn't allowed up here and will simply go insane if you get out any piece of string he could potentially grab. Including, but not limited to, raw hemmed jeans and dressing gown ropes.
His favourite snacks are Whiskas Temptations, especially the cheesy ones but he'll take any to be quite honest, and will always opt for wet food over dry. Even though he has to deal with both. He likes to hop on the kitchen work surface and is entertained for hours by simply looking out of the window.
Anyway, I thought I'd do a few pro's to having a cat in London in case you're on the fence:
  1. Small and furry, and mostly love snuggles (on their own accord, never yours mind)
  2. Thinks every day is Christmas when you put down food
  3. Sometimes purr just when you look at them
  4. Clean and look after themselves pretty much, very independent animals
  5. Enjoy time alone and are suited to being indoors
  6. Will play with any length of string-like material
  7. Has very cute beans on the end of their legs that are nice to look at when you're sad (see picture above)
So there's my little ode to Bear, my first born son. 

Post in collaboration with WHISKAS® but all thoughts and gushing about cats my own.
lots of love xxx
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a chat
Copenhagen Copenhagen
PIXIE MARKET skirt, ASOS jumper*, CONVERSE trainers, CÉLINE bag, CÉLINE sunglasses, ALL SAINTS leather jacket

Hi guys! Been a hot minute since I just had a chat with you all, and I feel like I've got so much to say so this will either be really long winded, or not. We shall see.

So, what's new with me? Nothing much has changed since my last update (here). I'm still very much loved up with my lovely, super, fab boyfriend. I have an inane fear of mentioning him, or how happy I am for fear that something will go wrong and I'll have to announce I'm single again lol but that being said, I really don't think that's on the cards with this one. He's a real good egg and I think I just need to chill the fuck out and enjoy what's going on. We've just booked New York for March, followed by a week in Tulum and I can't wait!

We also just got back from Copenhagen which was an absolute dream weekend. We did lots of eating, drinking and a little cycling, and naturally I vlogged the entire trip so that'll be up on Sunday for ya!

Speaking of YouTube, I've actually been trying to get some more content up as I do really enjoy it. I just find it hard to find a place for what I want to create, as well as finding the time and skill to make what I have in my head. I'd love if you had a little look, or even subscribe ya know...

I'm also really honing in on what I want to wear and creating a space that I love alongside that. I am going through a major cull of my wardrobe, furniture and general house so that I can live in a slightly more minimal space, and have a more 'staple' type wardrobe. I've come to the resolution that I'm not happy with clutter and extreme mass of stuff. That's not for a weird spiritual reason, or anything else lame. I'm just simply a bit fed up of what I have and how much I have of it. I'm also absolutely obsessing over Arket at the moment, which is late to the party but you know. Better late than never. 
Off the back of that, a few of my pals and I are hoping to hold a big sale of some good bits during November so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Lastly worth noting, I am going to try a keto diet. It's no secret I'm unhappy with how I look, as I talk about it all the time (more on that in a post soon) but above that my M.E goes into overdrive around this time of year and I've been recommended it by a few people off the back of this video I made. It sounds like a bloody nightmare given that I thrive on carbs and I am basically a walking cup of sugary tea, but if it a) helps me to slim down to where I'm happy again, and b) improves my CFS then I have to give it a go. The best part is that Kim is going to do it with me, told you he was fab.

Anyway, I think that's about it. What's going on with you guys?

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lots of love xxx
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shearling slides and linen
MARKS AND SPENCER shirt, LEVI jeans, UGG shoes*, SELFRIDGES bag and CELINE sunglasses

Back with another outfit post, finally! How are you all? This is an outfit I actually wore a few months ago but with the turn of the weather I can see me reaching for it again ASAP. I have been really missing throwing jeans on - I feel so much more comfortable than I do in little dresses or shorts!

I styled my UGG Joni slides with a really casual, go-to outfit, and my favourite Levi's - which I cut down myself for the length. I genuinely adore the sandals as they've got a layer of cushioning in the sole, which unlike my other slides, makes them super comfy and wearable all day. Pepe has also taken a shine to them though, and I keep finding them separately spread around my flat. Naughty puppy. I'm also leaning towards more neutral colours instead of blues and blacks right now, so the beige-y pink tone is perfect for what I'm wearing this Summer.

UGG have popped a little page up about me and how I chose to wear my Joni slides too, which you can find here if you fancied a little look!

Shop the post:

Post in collaboration with UGG, but all views and comfy shoes my own

lots of love xxx
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my summer dinner ideas
HoF1 HoF3 HoF2 HofF

Hey guys, back at you with something a bit different from my usual but something I really enjoy so I hope you do too. I’m such a home-bird and as I’m sure you’ve guessed from my interiors posts, love buying bits and bobs for the flat so whenI was selected to choose products from the House of Fraser homeware range to create dining setting ready for Summer and a meal to match, I jumped at the chance!

I decided to cook a big spread for my Mum and boyfriend (they met on Sunday – all went well, totally putting that down to my cooking though!) with a loosely based Lebanese theme and thought I’d share the process, recipes and everything else along the way with you!

Firstly what I made: 
I decided on lamb kofta ‘things’ as Kim (boyfriend) had made these for me recently and they were amazing so these were the main per-se. Alongside those, I made flatbreads using just three ingredients – they’re honestly amazing so read on for the recipe, as well as a big salad, lemon and garlic couscous, some hummus and sweet potato cubes. Naturally I couldn’t make a dinner without including halloumi and chargrilled sweet peppers so they were thrown in for good measure.

I picked out some new pieces to serve them all on. I wanted to go for a Summer, indoor al-fresco vibe (London living means no outdoor space, sob) so I went for neutrals and mismatched colours to compliment them. I absolutely adore random pieces coming together to make a collective when it comes to the dinner table to that was definitely my theme throughout. I managed to find these Celier assorted glasses too, which come as a set of six but are three different designs so they have a real vintage feel to them. But, it’s worth taking a lookat the House of Fraser glassware range to browse through more lovely pieces. Lastly I finished the table off with this amazing LSA globe shaped vase and some LINEA neutral coloured cotton napkins something I’ve weirdly never owned but look lovely spread across the table!

Now, onto the recipes. I won’t explain everything, as a lot is fairly self explanatory, for example I just cubed the sweet potato and drizzled in cumin, paprika, salt, pepper and olive oil then popped them in the oven to roast, but I’ll explain the trickier bits and do feel free to pop me a message if you get stuck as most of these things are just my own recipes! 

Lamb Koftas:
500g lamb mince
1 red onion
3 garlic cloves
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp smoked paprika
Salt & pepper
1 tsp harissa (you can buy this everywhere as a paste now!)
Fresh parsley – a big handful

Finely chop the onion and garlic, and then combine all the ingredients in a bowl! This is pretty simple in that it all goes in a bowl and gets mixed up – but remember to get your hands in there! Once it’s well combined, form into small flattened balls and then fry in a splash of olive oil on a high heat. I like them a little bit charred as I don’t have a way of chargrilling them but that’s up to you!

Plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
Natural yoghurt

Welcome to the best thing you’ll make all week. I haven’t put the amounts as I find working by eye is best with this one. I start with three tablespoons of yoghurt and flour and add until the consistency is a light dough. Flour up the side, and roll into small, thin circles and then dry fry in a very, very hot pan. Expect some smoke from the flour so pop the extractor fan on!

Garlic and lemon couscous:
1 cup of couscous
3 garlic cloves
1 head of broccoli
2 lemons
1tsp of harissa
Salt and pepper to taste

Another super easy dish, cover your dry couscous (so nice they named it twice) with boiling water and cover with a lid for two minutes to puff up. Boil your broccoli to taste in a pan. While this is happening, juice your lemons and finely grate your garlic and combine – it’s pretty pungent so feel free to lose a clove if you’re not as keen as I am, but I do find that couscous needs a real kick as it’s so bland otherwise! Once the couscous has puffed up, pop your harissa and lemon/garlic in and give it a big stir, adding salt and pepper to taste. Finally, toss the broccoli through to coat it. Ta-da!

And that’s it, a pretty big Lebanese spread that would happily feed 4-5 people. Kim took a packed lunch the next day (and the cat nabbed a kofta) so it’s perfect for leftovers too. Do let me know if you need any help with any of the recipes, as I said – I tend to make things up as I go along and hope for the best so I’m not the best at explaining it!

Anyway, have a fab day and send me pictures if you make anything – or equally if you have any amazing crockery I need to know about!

Post in collaboration with House of Fraser, but all thoughts and recipes my own!

lots of love xxx
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a day in Brighton with trouva
I was lucky enough to be invited on a little staycation with Trouva last week so naturally I hotfooted it down to Brighton to stay in the amazing Artist's Residence (in the pouring rain may I add) for a cosy night in with my boyfriend before spending the day visiting some of Trouva's favourite Brighton boutiques. Trouva are an amazing online retailer of independent stores if you weren't sure. Totally an interiors obsessed gals' paradise. It's a real niche and an amazing way to shop and support small brands' and designers so I definitely recommend having a little gander if you're that way inclined (like me).
So, first up - the hotel! I've stayed here before a couple of years ago for my birthday, so it was a pleasure to be back. I kind of loved the fact it was pouring as it meant we could lie in bed, watch tv cuddled up and eat until our hearts were content. We so rarely don't 'do' anything when we're together so it was an absolute treat. We even had a bubble bath, so fab. 


The morning began with an amazing brunch at Artist's Residence, so obviously I went for something that had poached eggs and bacon. I was also with my pal Rachael and the lovely Claire so this made it eeeeven better as it's so nice getting to do these things with your friends! Brunch was followed by a little chat about Trouva and then a brief on the day. We visited three stores, being: Workshop, Dowse and Tidy Street General Store.
First was Workshop - an interiors focused store with a real minimal, Scandinavian feel. I picked up the Cereal guide to Copenhagen for my trip next month as well as some plants and some Grown Alchemist hand soap. I could quite literally live in here. The owners were so lovely too, giving us the low down on all the products and their sources. Not to mention gifting us a beautiful copper candle by SoH Melbourne - it's fig scented too which is my favourite!

Next we popped into Dowse and met the owner, Susannah who chatted us through what she sold and the stores' history. Dowse tend to stock independent designers as well as the owners' work with lots of bold colours and patterns, and tonnes of amazing pottery! Susannah also makes her own jewellery which is sold in the store which has an amazing geometric feel in mixed metals.
Lastly was Tidy Street General Store which is a fashion focused boutique but with lots of jewellery and accessories, and even the odd piece of crockery. The handbags are amazing, not to mention some of the brands they stock (Rachel Comey hiya!). I picked up a cute little gold necklace with an initial pendant to pop on it but very nearly left with another four hundred and two basket bags but luckily managed to restrain myself. The perfect stop off for something unique and almost certainly bang on trend.
I'd never considered doing a little Trouva-tour before, so it's definitely something to think about if you're in an area where there are a lot of their boutiques! 
Trouva are also giving you the chance to win a two night stay in either Brighton or Cornwall Artist's Residence and £500 to spend on their site! Enter here, and best of luck!

T&C's: Comp closes at midnight on 31st August 2018. Entrants much live in the UK and be over 18. 

Post in collaboration with Trouva but all thoughts and love of stuff my own!
lots of love xxx
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