Wednesday, 1 July 2015

ZARA top, ASOS culottes, ASOS shoes*

So my little pal Kat and I went to Barcelona last week for a post-uni, pre-graduation holiday and I managed to shoot a couple of outfits while I was there.
This outfit looked a lot nicer in real life... Hence the lack of many photos but I liked these few. We also only took hand-luggage (EasyJet... Says it all) so I had to pack as economically friendly as poss. Two pairs of shoes and a few recent purchases later, suitcase was full so voila!

As per, I'm promising some kind of city guide/things I'd recommend/things I actually bothered doing posts, one day...

lots of love xxx
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#asseenonme part two

Sunday, 28 June 2015

all items asos 
(trousers, top, shoes, bag, similar sunglasses)

Remember a while back when I styled up some Utility themed pieces for ASOS? Well they recently sent over these khaki trousers and gave me a similar challenge, as well as a few other blogging gals as I've seen these trousers all over the place!

I stuck to my usual "less is more" vibe and just paired them with a cool split side vest and a pair of lace-up espadrille sandals. I didn't want to go full on khaki/button up/military detailing as I think it would have been overkill, especially as the trousers are a casual nod to the Utility theme.

What do you reckon? Upload your ASOS #asseenonme looks here and your photo might make it to the ASOS site!

lots of love xxx
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levi x asos: the gig

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Excuse the iPhone photos, I wasn't allowed to take my SLR!

So as I mentioned in my last post, Levi and ASOS gave me the opportunity to customise some key pieces and then wear them to a gig/festival a couple of weeks ago.
I opted for a pair of grey high rise skinny jeans, as well as a classic blue Trucker in a men's S for an oversized fit.

When the list of choices came through, I dabbled between the idea of doing a day festival but instead opted to see Hozier because I've loved him recently! I took James along too, and we both found the whole scenario so weird as neither of us have been to a non-metal gig for over five years so to see someone swaying around in a dress and heels was quite the contrast to a wall of death haha!

Hozier was absolutely amazing, and his support Wyvern Lingo were cool too. They have a female drummer which is awesome. We had such a good time, so thank you ASOS and Levi!

Check out the page here for some cool how-to's and denim goodness. If you do get anything customised, make sure ya tag @Levis_uk, as well as using the hashtag #LevisTailorShop!

lots of love xxx
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levi x asos: the levi tailor shop

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hey hey hey, long time no post. Only a week to go until my FMP hand-in, so I won't be MIA much longer.

Aside from being buried under a heap of fabric and paperwork, I've recently collaborated with ASOS and Levi, giving me the chance to pick out a couple of bits, have them customised and then 'rock' them at a gig.
I went for a classic Trucker jacket, and a pair of simple high rise jeans in grey and then had Levi's very own tailor customise them however I wanted. Pretty cool, and a welcome break from all the sewing I've been doing myself lately.

I decided to have lots of distressing and wear-and-tear added to my jacket, making it look a bit more vintage. I also had all the pockets studded up and my initials sewn onto the underside of the collar, because who else has their name under their collar? For the jeans I opted for two big cuts in the knees and some distressing around them.
You can pop into any Levi store with a tailor and get anything customised by adding studs, sewing on patches, ripping, repairing etc! The tailor actually suggested that I cut the collar and sleeves off my jacket, so I'm sure you can get as creative as you fancy. Alternatively, you can check out some how-to's and get all the ASOS low down here instead.

I also got the chance to go and see Hozier in my new garms, but more on that in my next post.

Catch you all soon,
lots of love xxx
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longline bomber

Thursday, 30 April 2015

boohoo jacket*
topshop dress
adidas superstars
asos socks
zerouv sunglasses*

First post back in London and it's as dreary as ever. Not to worry though as I've got my new far-too-cool-for-me coat to keep me warm, awesome.
My Superstar's are slowly replacing my Stans which makes me a bit sad, can't believe I'd have laughed the thought of wearing trainers a year ago. Fashion eh.

Selling loads on my Depop as per, username @georgialuisameramo 

lots of love xxx
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