Monday, 15 October 2018

an ode to Bear

Bear Bear Bear Bear
Whiskas cat casseroles
So remember I got a rather naughty puppy a few months ago? Well if you follow me on Instagram you'll be very familiar with Pepe. In fact, you might even follow him. He's an absolute character and I love him to pieces, but pre-Pepe I was also a Mum (yes) to Bear. My five year old tabby cat, who's featured on this blog a few times himself - see here if you want to die at kitten photos.
I got him when I was lonely having just moved out aged 19 and was spending a lot of time alone as my then-boyfriend was living in Southampton. He became my little furry best pal and he's followed me about ever since. I feel like he doesn't get enough air time as he is mostly either asleep or eating, so when Whiskas wanted to work on this post I naturally jumped at the chance.
I think cats are the perfect pets, especially for us younger folk living in London. Whilst a dog is a huge commitment (not that a cat isn't!) a cat is more of a nice, calm best friend that just exists in your home, loves chin rubs and will often sleep on the pillow next to you. They don't require walking, love sharing a roast chicken with you (in moderation). He loves being on the bed as Pepe isn't allowed up here and will simply go insane if you get out any piece of string he could potentially grab. Including, but not limited to, raw hemmed jeans and dressing gown ropes.
His favourite snacks are Whiskas Temptations, especially the cheesy ones but he'll take any to be quite honest, and will always opt for wet food over dry. Even though he has to deal with both. He likes to hop on the kitchen work surface and is entertained for hours by simply looking out of the window.
Anyway, I thought I'd do a few pro's to having a cat in London in case you're on the fence:
  1. Small and furry, and mostly love snuggles (on their own accord, never yours mind)
  2. Thinks every day is Christmas when you put down food
  3. Sometimes purr just when you look at them
  4. Clean and look after themselves pretty much, very independent animals
  5. Enjoy time alone and are suited to being indoors
  6. Will play with any length of string-like material
  7. Has very cute beans on the end of their legs that are nice to look at when you're sad (see picture above)
So there's my little ode to Bear, my first born son. 

Post in collaboration with WHISKAS® but all thoughts and gushing about cats my own.
lots of love xxx
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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

a chat

Copenhagen Copenhagen
PIXIE MARKET skirt, ASOS jumper*, CONVERSE trainers, CÉLINE bag, CÉLINE sunglasses, ALL SAINTS leather jacket

Hi guys! Been a hot minute since I just had a chat with you all, and I feel like I've got so much to say so this will either be really long winded, or not. We shall see.

So, what's new with me? Nothing much has changed since my last update (here). I'm still very much loved up with my lovely, super, fab boyfriend. I have an inane fear of mentioning him, or how happy I am for fear that something will go wrong and I'll have to announce I'm single again lol but that being said, I really don't think that's on the cards with this one. He's a real good egg and I think I just need to chill the fuck out and enjoy what's going on. We've just booked New York for March, followed by a week in Tulum and I can't wait!

We also just got back from Copenhagen which was an absolute dream weekend. We did lots of eating, drinking and a little cycling, and naturally I vlogged the entire trip so that'll be up on Sunday for ya!

Speaking of YouTube, I've actually been trying to get some more content up as I do really enjoy it. I just find it hard to find a place for what I want to create, as well as finding the time and skill to make what I have in my head. I'd love if you had a little look, or even subscribe ya know...

I'm also really honing in on what I want to wear and creating a space that I love alongside that. I am going through a major cull of my wardrobe, furniture and general house so that I can live in a slightly more minimal space, and have a more 'staple' type wardrobe. I've come to the resolution that I'm not happy with clutter and extreme mass of stuff. That's not for a weird spiritual reason, or anything else lame. I'm just simply a bit fed up of what I have and how much I have of it. I'm also absolutely obsessing over Arket at the moment, which is late to the party but you know. Better late than never. 
Off the back of that, a few of my pals and I are hoping to hold a big sale of some good bits during November so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Lastly worth noting, I am going to try a keto diet. It's no secret I'm unhappy with how I look, as I talk about it all the time (more on that in a post soon) but above that my M.E goes into overdrive around this time of year and I've been recommended it by a few people off the back of this video I made. It sounds like a bloody nightmare given that I thrive on carbs and I am basically a walking cup of sugary tea, but if it a) helps me to slim down to where I'm happy again, and b) improves my CFS then I have to give it a go. The best part is that Kim is going to do it with me, told you he was fab.

Anyway, I think that's about it. What's going on with you guys?

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lots of love xxx
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Saturday, 11 August 2018

shearling slides and linen

MARKS AND SPENCER shirt, LEVI jeans, UGG shoes*, SELFRIDGES bag and CELINE sunglasses

Back with another outfit post, finally! How are you all? This is an outfit I actually wore a few months ago but with the turn of the weather I can see me reaching for it again ASAP. I have been really missing throwing jeans on - I feel so much more comfortable than I do in little dresses or shorts!

I styled my UGG Joni slides with a really casual, go-to outfit, and my favourite Levi's - which I cut down myself for the length. I genuinely adore the sandals as they've got a layer of cushioning in the sole, which unlike my other slides, makes them super comfy and wearable all day. Pepe has also taken a shine to them though, and I keep finding them separately spread around my flat. Naughty puppy. I'm also leaning towards more neutral colours instead of blues and blacks right now, so the beige-y pink tone is perfect for what I'm wearing this Summer.

UGG have popped a little page up about me and how I chose to wear my Joni slides too, which you can find here if you fancied a little look!

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Post in collaboration with UGG, but all views and comfy shoes my own

lots of love xxx
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