Sunday, 31 August 2014

a snippet of living in london

picture pinched from pinterest
So, as promised here, here is my take on 'living in London'.
A bit of background: I've always lived locally to London, having been born in Surrey and living local to Croydon (South London) my whole life, but a year ago I moved up to Clapham to be nearer to uni as I was a bit too far into Surrey (Oxted/Warlingham way, for those of you who know Surrey!) to commute and was desperate to move out.
Anyway, long story short, I LOVE IT. It's utterly been the best thing I could have ever done. I've come right out of my shell, I'm happy here and a proper little home bird. I love having my own place to fluff out and have people over whenever I fancy/equally have the place to myself whenever I fancy.
I currently live with my pal Gem, who I met during my foundation year in 2012/13. She's from Wales so goes home for Christmas etc so I spend a lot of time here alone although I'm moving to a bigger house around the corner this week with James, my friend Olivia and of course, Gem and the cat.
I rent privately, as opposed to living in halls. Halls were never really an option for me as I hated the idea of shared living areas etc (it's not rare to find me wandering around in my pants) and they were more pricey, as well as being too central for me to commute back to work at the weekends. Olivia lived in halls and hated it, as it's not as social as normal universities with campus' etc are, although I know people who did enjoy it. 
I chose SW London as I needed to stay south of the river to be close to work, and it's only 30-45 mins from my family so easy access for my mum and James. I originally looked at Balham, but fell in love with Clapham so opted for here. I would whole heartedly recommend the area, it has everything you could dream of. I'm on the Northern line, local to the Victoria line, have access to the Overground, busses to most of London and have bars and nightclubs galore at the end of my road. Not to mention a good selection of restaurants, shops and of course, Clapham Common.
Living in London isn't cheap and if you're thinking of moving up then consider things like a deposit on a rented property, it's usually 6 weeks rent + your first month upfront, as well as admin charges so you'd be looking at well over £1000. Bills aren't too bad and we use a company called Split the Bills for ease. Rent is expensive, you're looking at about £1300-£1600 for your average 2 bed, luckily my student loan just about covers my half, but obviously I work too. You'll need a guarantor if you are a student, so someone with a reliable income.
In terms of the cost of living, I don't find it to be more expensive than anywhere else. I spend about £25 a week on food, and eat really well (cos I'm a fab cook and a terrible student) and travel is about £80 a month when commuting daily to university. Nights out are pricey, but what can you do? There are cheaper options like 1 Big Night Out, and other bar crawls, but the main places are upwards of £5 for a drink, but you do get used to it.
Living here has a billion perks, obviously you're in the capital of the country so there's always something to do. As a blogger it's fab as most events are based here, as well as LFW etc. I could talk all day about amazing things to do here, but that would make this post super annoying, so perhaps another time! 
If you're looking to move here, I absolutely recommend making the leap. Get involved and live the London life, work out in public parks, go to some of the best restaurants in the country, visit all the pop up shops and galleries and absolutely know the tube inside-out. It's fast paced and busy, but it's honestly the best thing I've ever done; I hope I never have to move away! (Unless it's to Manhattan...)

Again, if you have any questions, leave them below or drop me a tweet! (Link below for ya)
lots of love xxx
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

le trench

trench: missguided*
cardigan: asos
skirt: asos
dress (worn as a top): topshop
shoes: boohoo
bag: primark

Just a fly-in visit to drop this little number. I have grabbed two days off interning at Oh My Love for some R&R, when in actual fact today has been manic and tomorrow I've wound up shooting with Company mag again! Nothing like a days rest... 
I willllll be back with a bang soon, promise. I'm moving next week so hopefully once everything has settled I can sort my life out! I'm thinking a blog redesign and a total rebranding. Fab.

lots of love xxx
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Monday, 25 August 2014

studying at lcf/pattern cutting

I get a lot of questions about what studying at London College of Fashion is like, what my course is based on, how I found moving to the city etc, so given that a lot of you will have just got your results and secured a place there, I thought I'd do a couple of posts for you! There'll be this one about my course and the uni, and another to follow on moving to London which will be more generalised but through the eyes of a student. I hope someone finds it helpful!
So, I'm about to go into my second year at LCF studying pattern cutting (full course: FdA Fashion Technology: Designer Pattern Cutter) my course is primarily only two years long, leaving me without a BA, although you can opt to top up in Womenswear, Menswear and now we have the option to continue onto the new BA in Pattern Cutting which is commencing this year. This means we will have to take a year out so that we can re-join the first set of 3rd year Pattern Cutters. They have scrapped our current course, and re-instated it as a BA, which is apparently improved.
I originally wanted to do Womenswear, and had done for most of my life, however a tutor at my foundation course pointed out that if I wanted to learn how to make clothes, it'd be the wrong course so I opted for Pattern Cutting. I had no previous experience in it, bar using a few shop bought patterns or tracing around current clothes, a lot of people did have experience but it wasn't part of the criteria. 
The course itself is both designing and making, our hand-ins usually consist of a 30-40 page A3 portfolio of designs and research, alongside a technical folder (everything we learn in sample room, fitting zips, calico toiles, darts etc in the first year) and then a final garment/a finished collection or similar. Everything you make needs to have a calico/relevant toile, you have to document everything and they expect to see your journey. It IS a huge amount of work considering most don't have a foundation diploma and have come straight from A-level. It's very demanding from the beginning, and they're not so understanding if you fall behind. The tuition is somewhat slack, the tutors are mostly lovely, but actual tutored time in sample room/design sessions etc is limited to 5-8 hours a week I would say. For £9k, it's not ideal but we have spoken to the course leader and I think it's being re-thought out for the new BA course. All of this practical work is alongside your theory, most terms have a 1000-3000 word essay or similar to hand in too, as well as a few 1-2 hour long relevant lectures a week.
A year in, I'm exhausted and I don't wholly enjoy it. Saying that, I also don't make the most out of being part of LCF. The name alone will help you when you graduate, and I've had opportunities arise due to going there. The libraries etc are great, as are the location of the campuses. I don't live in halls but have friends who enjoy it, and friends who despise it so it really depends on who you are, but I'll go into accommodation more in my next post! It's also worth noting that studying in London really isn't very social, people do go out but it's nothing like a messy night out in Southampton. Going out is expensive and to be honest I can rarely fit it around studying, but then again you won't be going to LCF if all you want to do is party!
So, would I recommend it? I am going to say yes, if you're self motivated and can work for hours on end to achieve great grades. If you are a bit slower, or rely on others to motivate you, it's really hard. I'm quite in the middle due to lack of self belief and having my M.E slow me down, I manage but I will never come out with a first! I start each term feeling good about the new project, and with lots of drive but by the end of it I'm drained and left feeling like I'm not good enough to be there, it varies! I don't mean this to be as negative as it sounds, I'm incredibly proud that I go to one of the best fashion uni's in the world, but the course probably isn't best suited to what I want to do which is entirely my problem! I am raring to go back and start 2nd year afresh and give it 100%, so bring it on!

Sorry this was so wordy, I hope it helps someone! If you have any more Q's, tweet me (@georgiameramo) or email me and I will do my best to answer for you. Stay tuned for my 'living in London' post in a week or so!
P.S sorry for being MIA, I'm working 7 day weeks (between Topshop and Oh My Love) so life is super hectic. I also move house next week and having fashion week and my usual work. HELP!

lots of love xxx
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

current favourites (well, a few)

body: h&m, bangles: anna lou of london*, choker: depop (similar on ebay!), ysl kiss and blush in #2* and esteƩ lauder bronze goddess perfume

Just a few favourites of mine recently, as I've not got any outfits to go up for a week or so! I had also meant to put my Tangle Teezer in too, so pretend that's in here.
I've stuck to things I've been reaching for constantly, like the YSL Kiss and Blush and Bronze Goddess. I'm dreadful with lip make up, and remembering to put perfume on but both of these have been regulars in my handbag lately. The perfume smells amazing, it's literally a holiday in a bottle so it's doing my holiday blues some good and the Kiss & Blush is just so subtle but feels so lovely on, I think I've worn it every day for at least a month. I'm definitely going to pick up a different colour with my Boots points.
I've also been wearing these Anna Lou of London cuffs quite a bit, they're so fun and the colours give my usual monochrome outfits a little pop, I love the kitsch flamingoes too. And lastly the H&M body, meeeeooow. It's not the sexiest, and I feel a little like I'm wearing a swimming costume when I have it on but the print and shape sold me. I saw it out in Madrid and regretted not buying it instantly, so when I found it cheaper on Oxford Street I nearly did a backflip. Olivia and I have it matching, cute.

Anyway, by the time this goes live I will be interning with Oh My Love, so my posts are going to be a bit sporadic as I have a long old journey there and back every day leaving me with no spare time (I also work weekends...) and then I move house and re-start uni! Send help, or at least bare with me until I'm settled into my new house! Thanks a billion.

lots of love xxx
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Thursday, 7 August 2014


shorts: missguided*
top: mango
shoes: topshop
bag: missguided*

As I said a couple of posts ago, these shorts are much more wearable as singles for me so while I was in Madrid I paired them with this open back top from Mango. I'm gutted I didn't get a photo of the back as it's really nice, but I'm sure it'll pop up again!
I actually got back from Madrid almost a month ago but am a bit delayed with my posts due to lots of scheduling at the moment!

lots of love xxx
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