denim duster

Friday, 27 March 2015

duster: monki via asos*
jeans: topshop coated leighs
jumper: topshop

coat: zara
bag: Mi-Pac*

Just a quickie to showcase my new Monki coat of dreams. I'm not usually a mega trend follower but denim has just reeled me in hook line and sinker this SS.
I did a huge ASOS haul last week and it was all denim, for real. Help me, I'm a raw edge denim addict. Feed me Marques Almeida and I will be happy.
I was also sent some bags from Mi-Pac and gave James one to his delight, so here he is looking like a little egg.

In other news, all handed in for this term. Hallelujah. I've also applied for an internship over Easter, as well as going to NYC with James in three weeks so got a busy break, but bring it on!

lots of love xxx
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Friday, 13 March 2015

jacket: asos* (similar)
trousers: asos*
shoes: asos
top: asos*
sunglasses: asos*

So Access All ASOS challenged me to create a "Utility" inspired outfit to upload to their new uploader which gives you the chance to have your photo come up on the product page. Cool huh?
So basically, you upload to here and then your photo could feature next to the product, giving the consumer a chance to see it styled/worn.
Utility isn't really a trend I knew much about, I just immediately had pocket detailing and khaki green in mind so I've tried to combine it with the denim theme and a pair of strappy heels to make it more wearable, but still with a military/utility idea behind it.

lots of love xxx
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brand spotlight: solace london

Thursday, 12 March 2015

I thought a little brand compliment showering wouldn't go a miss this year. As I'm starting to make myself more aware of both big and small brands, and getting to know that the fashion industry isn't just based around ASOS (sadly/or not, you choose) as I used to think, kinda. (Kidding.)
I've recently picked up on Solace London, who are, evidently, a London based brand. I absolutely adore their plunging necklines and minimalistic approach to construction, which as a pattern cutter is something I really appreciate. My tutor has always said that making minimalistic clothing is a lot harder than you'd think, as you have to pay more attention to every detail, as they are all you have to look at. Clever, huh?

So anyway, these are my favourite Solace pieces, which you can shop here and here

lots of love xxx
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coffee date

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

jumper: h&m
sunglasses: zerouv*

So today Olivia, James and I popped to the Timberyard cafe on Old Street after uni (a day of scanning patterns into Gerber... sob if you know what this means) and as it was such a lovely "warm" day I just threw on my new favourite jumper after finally tracking it down and was actually not cold without a coat. Is that Spring I hear?
I was thinking to incorporate a few lifestyle (I guess, for want of a better word) posts on here, like cafe/food reviews, things to do in London etc as James and I are always out and about but I'm not sure if anyone would like to see it. What do you think?
Also, all my photos get distorted in the upload to Blogger. I have the image enhance thing switched off, so no idea why. Please excuse how washed out they all look. Having blog drama of late.

lots of love xxx
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detox ft. urban outfitters

Friday, 27 February 2015

shirt: urban outfitters*
shoes: stan smiths via urban outfitters*
rucksack: urban outfitters*
jeans: topshop
leather jacket: all saints balfern
coat: primark 

So I've been sitting on these Urban Outfitters gems for a while, partly because I've been mega busy and had the cold from hell but also because I thought saving them for my trip to Berlin and finding a cool background would be worth it.
The idea behind the "Detox" theme was a Scandi cool, minimalistic vibe... I think. I've kept it true to what I would wear, slightly less Scandi, and fairly on trend with the Stan Smiths and denim but I wanted warmth and comfort. Win/win.

I'm going to put together a "Things to do in Berlin"/"Places to eat in Berlin" post, depending on what comes of my disposable camera. I fell in love with the city, totally not expecting to so I can't wait to get that up.

p.s. How tired do I look? Gotta sort that out...

lots of love xxx
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