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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

URBAN OUTFITTERS dress, ASOS mules and ZARA jewellery

As previously mentioned, I graduated with a degree in Pattern Cutting with Womenswear last week, yay! So I thought I'd share a couple of photos. 
Getting these was like getting blood out of a stone, so excuse the funny faces.
As also previously mentioned, I'm going back in October to jump into year 2 of a slightly different degree, so I've not said bye to LCF just yet. (Or ever as I quite fancy doing a masters too.)

lots of love xxx
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current inspiration - july15

Friday, 17 July 2015

all images sourced on pinterest

Bonjour, following my recent graduation I've been feeling particularly keen on self-improvement and all that junk, so thought I'd post a little bit of what's been inspiring me etc.
I've started a little journal/sketchbook in order to be able to jot down design, concept etc ideas for when I go back to my new course at LCF in September. I'm going to make a real effort to create a style that my tutors recognise me for, and really make something of my time there as I'm lucky enough to do it twice! This isn't all design based, but some nice things nonetheless. I'm also moving house in a few weeks, as well as trying to regularly blog so a little inspo wouldn't go a miss!
It's all surprisingly feminine from me this month, god knows what's got into me.

Pop me a link to any Pinterest boards you think I might fancy, always feeling follow frivolous over there!

lots of love xxx
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what I actually wore

Sunday, 12 July 2015

ASOS playsuit
ASOS sandals*
RAYBAN oversized wayfarers

I've been trying to carry my camera on me so I can snap unexpected outfit photos more, equalling more content so here ya are. Expect slightly less thought out locations, but more 'what I actually wore' kinda things, i.e. things I didn't think about and just threw on. Voila!

Sorry for being a bit ASOS heavy at the mo, I've gone a bit crazy on their website. Are you bored of these sandals yet?

lots of love xxx
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flared sleeves #asseenonme

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

ASOS top*
ASOS skirt*
ASOS shoes*
TOPSHOP sunglasses (old)

Not something I thought I'd ever choose to wear, but look at me now Mum! I fell in love with this flared sleeved, lace up top and thought it'd go perfectly with this little denim skirt while I was in Barcelona. I literally packed 10 things, so in retrospect I'm sure I could have found something it went a little better with, but hey ho.

lots of love xxx
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

ZARA top, ASOS culottes, ASOS shoes*

So my little pal Kat and I went to Barcelona last week for a post-uni, pre-graduation holiday and I managed to shoot a couple of outfits while I was there.
This outfit looked a lot nicer in real life... Hence the lack of many photos but I liked these few. We also only took hand-luggage (EasyJet... Says it all) so I had to pack as economically friendly as poss. Two pairs of shoes and a few recent purchases later, suitcase was full so voila!

As per, I'm promising some kind of city guide/things I'd recommend/things I actually bothered doing posts, one day...

lots of love xxx
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