the sky garden

Friday, 4 September 2015

ASOS skirt*, PUBLIC DESIRE heels*, TOPSHOP tee and TOPSHOP bag

Apologies for the mini hiatus, not that I can really call it that. I've been busy moving house, and unpacking what seems to be a never ending heap of cacti and unnecessary bedroom decorations. 

Aside from that, my friend Kat and I ventured to the Sky Gardens (a total must if you're in London, and it's free but more on that another time...) a few weeks ago to shoot these Public Desire babes. Aren't they beautiful? Surprisingly really comfortable too, so thanks to my favourite PR babe Robyn.

I'm getting back into the groove of things now, so will hopefully have another post up for you before I jet off to Mykonos and Copenhagen in the next couple of weeks. Holidays = a lot of posts, so win/win.

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bedroom styling tips with U.O

Monday, 24 August 2015

So I was lucky enough to be sent over a few home bits from Urban Outfitters to show you guys how I freshen up my uni room (it's my full time room but pu-tay-to/po-tah-to). I'm also in the process of moving house, so as always when you move, I'm clearing out and buying new bits to fill the newly empty spaces.

This is super important to me as so much of my course requires me to work from home, so if I'm not sewing at my desk, I'm spending hours and hours on In Design. Create a clear, clutter free zone and make it somewhere you want to spend time.
I've spruced my desk up with some personal photos, fresh flowers and organised my life with this super cute rose gold letter basket. There's nothing I hate more than odd bits of paper flying all over the place, and this is an easy solution to keep all your bills, notebooks etc together!


Sounds as simple as it is, but I tend to stick to an all white scheme with walls and bedding/curtains etc then add to the room with changeable items such as pillows and throws. I love layering two or three different toned and textured throws on my white cotton sheets and throwing a few scattered pillows. UO do the coolest rugs too, which are an easy way to add colour and fill a space.
I've popped this cool marble print cushion on my desk chair, and added this rose gold photo mobile on my side of the bed to make me feel 'at home' as well as these photo fairy lights filled with all my Polaroids.

My room is part bedroom, part office, part greenhouse much to James' dismay. I literally have a plant on every available surface. They freshen up dark and dingy spaces and make the room feel cleaner and more 'breathable' instantly. I love cacti for when I can't be bothered to look after them, and this terrarium is perfect for planting some mini succulents in. Until I move in a couple of weeks I've just popped in a mini cacti but I'm on the hunt for something more permanent!
So adapt 'pretty' to your own interpretation, but I'm talking make necessities look good. I've picked up this rose gold (can you tell I love rose gold?) door hook set, which is a perfectly fashionable way to store the millions of coats and bits of jewellery I have. N.B it's never this neat usually. 

This is just a hint of the more organised part my room, but once we're settled I'm definitely going to do a full interior post as well as potentially a few DIY's if I follow through with them!
Will you use any of these tips?

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boris bikes and double denim

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

H&M shorts (now sale..), MONKI coat, ADIDAS superstars, ZEROUV sunglasses* & H&M t-shirt 

So after talking about it since they were introduced, James and I finally decided to get 'Boris bikes' and cycle around Hyde Park. (They're Transport for London owned rentable cycles for anyone not from London!)
I wore shorts for the occasion to give my button down ASOS skirt a rest, which is just as well. The coat did get caught in the pedals 103854 times so I took that off too. Such a palaver, but a really fun day.
I'm glad we stopped to snap some outfit pictures as the park looked so lovely. Also, bonus points to whoever can spot the coffee spill on my top, and doesn't it look like I'm hiding behind the leaves? Awesome.

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notting hill

Friday, 14 August 2015

BRANDY MELVILLE top, ASOS skirt*, ASOS bag* (old), TOPSHOP shoes & TOPSHOP sunglasses (old)

Who goes to Notting Hill and takes photos in front of a brick wall? Holla.
James and I walked and walked, and walked but me being me I wasn't happy with anywhere so I ended up settling for a brick wall. A brick wall. Lord only knows.

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denim culottes vs. tube strikes

Monday, 10 August 2015

ZARA culottes (similar), PRIMARK t-shirt, RIVER ISLAND espadrilles, ASOS bag & URBAN OUTFITTERS sunglasses

I'm inbetween thinking these glasses are the bomb, or they look like clown sunglasses. Wah. Anyway, just a quick 'ootd' from the mighty Tube strike day. This ensemble saw me walk two miles home, and cry when I got in. Sort your shit out London.

Also, a little info for ya. I'm pretty certain that I'm going to move over to Squarespace soon, so make sure you're following me on Bloglovin' if you want to keep up to date, or not. I'm going to have a new travel series, some wardrobe updates as well as my usual outfit posts coming. Think lots of food, bikinis and summer inspo. Yum.

See ya around! xxx

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