Friday, 16 March 2018

on having your shit together

An Outfit An Outfit An Outfit An Outfit An Outfit An Outfit An Outfit An Outfit
URBAN OUTFITTERS jumper, LEVI jeans, PUBLIC DESIRE boots, & OTHER STORIES blazeer* and CHLOÉ bag

So, we all know I'm revelling in dating at the moment. And whilst my attitude of "I like being with someone" has now changed, and I'm thoroughly enjoying being single and meeting new people (read: getting far too drunk with new people) and dating as opposed to having a boyfriend, I've been finding some bizarre things whilst doing to. So, I thought I'd talk about it here, naturally.

I'm 24. I've lived 'alone' since I was 19, I can cook, I am clean, I do my own washing, I own two pets and manage to keep them alive. I have my glasses organised into category in the cupboard. This one was kindly pointed out by a guy I was seeing. I don't think much of any of this, to me this is normal adult life. I have something I can vaguely call a career, I have my degrees and I can drive. Again, all normal things really. 

I tend to date men in the 25-28 category, purely out of luck so far but also because I don't think I'd have much in common with anyone younger than me, or much older than 30 or so. Getting back to the point, I've recently been told I have my shit too together, by a nearly 29 year old man. A man who couldn't believe that I'd group my wine glasses in the cupboard and not just throw them in. A man who was also shocked that I changed my bedding bi-weekly. A man who doesn't have a living room, and instead uses it for a pool table.

I've been thinking about it a lot really, and I keep coming back to the fact that I am so tough on myself in general, giving myself stick for not having a 'proper' job, or a mortgage fund, or a bloody boyfriend - yet a man 5 years older than me thinks I have it too together? So maybe, just maybe, I do have my life together and it's all a case of 'someone elses end is your beginning' etc etc.

I don't really know why I'm writing this, it's just a weird bit of word vomit but it's been circling in my head for a while now. I think the moral of the story is that wherever you're at, it's probably right for you. There are probably a million other people wishing that they had what you had, or were where you are - even if you don't think you've achieved anything to note. I had my shit even more together when I was with my ex, and comparatively this isn't me having it 'together' - but yet I understand that others might not be in my position and I think I have to give myself some slack for picking it up and carrying on, despite life's usual ups and downs. Basically, just don't listen to any man because men ain't shit and you are worth a billion of them. Ok bye xoxo

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

two ways to wear glitter

NYX x Boots

You might assume that I'm not one for glitter, let alone glitter eyeshadow, but secretly I'm sold on anything pink and or glittery... I just tend not to put it on my face - so when Boots approached me with creating some glitter eye looks using NYX products, I really thought about how I could make them more wearable for someone like me. And well, these are the results!

NYX x Boots NYX x Boots

Look One:
For this look I really wanted to try and make something I could wear during the day but would translate well on those days where I have to go straight to an event etc. For this I really honed in on my usual make up look, but with a subtle edge somewhere which made it totally appropriate for a night out. To achieve this:
  1. Apply your usual base - I opted for a medium coverage foundation with my usual contour and highlight routine.
  2. I then used the NYX smokey palette to give my eyes a little bit of depth. I used the light cream all over, then compacted a bit of gold shimmer in the middle.
  3. I tend to wear a cat eye daily so I used my usual NYX epic liner to create a thick line, and then used a small brush to create a line of the glitter primer glue just underneath the outer flick.
  4. Using the same brush, I patted on a mixed coloured glitter to follow the line of my flick on each side - making sure it was really heavily packed on - and then patting it gently under my lower lashes.
  5. I finished the look with a matte pink lip - really easy to wear from day to night.

NYX x Boots NYX x Boots NYX x Boots

Look Two:
As you can see from my moodboard - I really liked the 'messy' and undone look with a rose gold/pink toned glitter loosely applied so I gave this a go. I used the NYX glitter which is honestly insane - a really finely ground glitter with lots of colours running through it. So, to achieve this look this is what I did:
  1. Applied my normal base make up, with a subtle contour and highlight
  2. Primed my eyelids in the NYX glitter primer glue (this stuff is AMAZING) and used my finger to blend up towards my eyebrows
  3. Curled my lashes twice, really lifting them!
  4. Used a blending brush to gently pat on the rose gold glitter, concentrating on the lid and then blending out to become more sparse around the eye
  5. Two coats of the NYX worth the hype mascara and then a slick of the amazing plum coloured NYX mega shine lipgloss to give it more of an evening edge. P.S I was super impressed with the lip colour, it goes on really opaque and yet has an amazing sheen.

Post in collaboration with Boots, but as per, love of glitter is all my own.

lots of love xxx
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Monday, 19 February 2018


Wil Wil Wil Wil Wil Wil
AND OTHER STORIES coat*, RIVER ISLAND jumper, TOPSHOP trousers, VANS old skool, CHLOÉ handbag

Photos by Wil Barker

I rarely dress up anymore, often finding myself throwing on my usual suspects in various different ways. At the moment I'm beyond thrilled with this jacket/coat hybrid from & Other Stories - it's honestly turned my wardrobe around. I also picked up a new pair of faux leather trousers as mine finally came to an end last year after battling about 12 different seasons with me. I think they're so easy to pop on with an oversized jumper and be good to go.

I'm really excited for slightly warmer weather as I'm so fed up of looking and feeling cold and uninspired. Pls hurry Summer.

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lots of love xxx
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