detox ft. urban outfitters

Friday, 27 February 2015

shirt: urban outfitters*
shoes: stan smiths via urban outfitters*
rucksack: urban outfitters*
jeans: topshop
leather jacket: all saints balfern
coat: primark 

So I've been sitting on these Urban Outfitters gems for a while, partly because I've been mega busy and had the cold from hell but also because I thought saving them for my trip to Berlin and finding a cool background would be worth it.
The idea behind the "Detox" theme was a Scandi cool, minimalistic vibe... I think. I've kept it true to what I would wear, slightly less Scandi, and fairly on trend with the Stan Smiths and denim but I wanted warmth and comfort. Win/win.

I'm going to put together a "Things to do in Berlin"/"Places to eat in Berlin" post, depending on what comes of my disposable camera. I fell in love with the city, totally not expecting to so I can't wait to get that up.

p.s. How tired do I look? Gotta sort that out...

lots of love xxx
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Friday, 20 February 2015

suit: missguided* (trousers and blazer)
bag: whistles
coat: asos (sale)

So I traipsed down to LFW today for a wander with Olivia and here's what I wore. I felt like I was a season behind everyone else but it was a last minute outfit, plus I've always wanted a suit. 
I was really in two minds about going this season as I didn't have any shows organised and I hadn't rsvp'd to any of the events I'd been invited to and just felt a bit out of the loop. I'm glad I went as I bumped into Leigh and spent the afternoon in the ME media lounge, as well as getting to say hi to a load of other blogger friends so it was a day well spent, even if it was about -2 and my hands went blue.
Next season I'm determined to either have a packed show schedule or to be working it, as I want to have a reason to go rather than being ~that~ person who goes to take photos. It is the industry I'm working and studying in, so I guess I should make more of an effort plus I'll be nearing graduating then so could be showing there one day... (can I get a 'lol').

Anyway, I'm off to Berlin on Sunday so will have a lot of content as well as a city guide (hopefully) going up in the next few weeks, hallelujah!
Have a good one x

lots of love xxx
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Monday, 9 February 2015


topshop tunic/cos coat/cos shirt/whistles cuff/agent provocateur 'tammi' bra and knickers/whistles t-shirt/acne card holder/asos sunglasses/lavish alice trousers

I've not done a wishlist in forever, and whilst I hate these what feel like 'filler' posts probably more than you all do, I would quite like these things.

I'm in love with COS coats, and this belted one is no exception. I imagine it's really soft and would look amazing with the Lavish Alice cigarette trousers, a white tee and Stan Smiths.
I really like the Topshop tunic too, I've fallen out of love with the brand slightly after working there so long and having seen the same things regenerated every year, but this top is fairly refreshing and would look nice over some ripped jeans and paired with some pointed courts and red lips for an easy date night outfit. (With the optional addition of that amazing Whistles cuff. So Haute Persuit it hurts)
I'm also head over heels with the Agent Provocateur set. I'm such a sucker for amazing lingerie and have been lusting after an AP set forever after always having to buy their cheaper L'Agent lines (still amazing) but I think I may just have to splash out on this set as I've not seen anything like it before. If you know me, you'll know what I'm like with lingerie and I think this has pushed me over the edge!
The other bits are all just things I've had my eye on for a while. I'm in love with the ASOS sunglasses, they're really similar to a Whistles pair from last summer, but nicer colouring. The Acne card holder was nearly mine but sadly sold out the day I went to purchase it, so if you've seen it please let me know!

I'll be back with an Urban Outfitters collab as soon as I'm out of bed and over this damn flu. Week three and it's still going strong!

lots of love xxx
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all saints balfern leather

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's here. I got it. (Well, James did)
I finally got the leather jacket of my dreams in the form of the All Saints Balfern. I got a size 8 so I could fit things underneath, and lets face it, I've not bought anything in my actual size since I was 11.
The leather is so buttery soft and smells amazing (sorry vegans) and I think I'm in love basically. 
I hope it lasts me a lifetime because otherwise I might cry.

lots of love xxx
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Saturday, 17 January 2015

I can't help but read the word 'bogroll' when I read the title, but this post isn't about toilet paper, rather some blogs that I can't get enough of at the moment. 

H A N N A H -
I've already told Hannah I want first dibs on this denim dress/coat if she ever sells it, soz. She's just a total babe with the best eyebrows and her blog photography is making me seriously jealous.

Again, Amy is a total babe. I love her whole 'vibe' (is that lame to say?) she just manages to pull everything off AND she has the All Saints jacket of my dreamz.

C H A R L O T T E -
I've followed Charlotte for 4ever now and she's just always upping her game. I love her take on minimalism and styling dressy pieces in a casual way. She's sold me on trainers with every outfit ever.

Megan not only has my dream job, but always looks amazing too. She's absolutely lovely too, always leaves me blog comments that make me smile (always lame).

J A S M I N E -
You probably know Jasmine's amazing calligraphy and prints, but her blog is equally as cool. Her photography is amazing and she has a fab sunglasses collection.

Bee nails the whole minimalistic but still trend lead fashion thing, I love her indoor photos and her outfits are always on point.

So yup, my favourite blogs of the moment. I read loads, 'cause if I can't blog then I have to at least keep up with them! If you've got any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

lots of love xxx
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