Monday, 10 December 2018

getting a puppy

Pepe x Petplan
Following on from Bear's five minutes of fame, I thought it was only fair that Pepe got his chance to shine too. When Petplan got in touch and asked if I'd be interested sharing my #Pethoodstory, naturally I jumped at the chance to talk about my newest furry son.

I thought the best way to go about it (without just sitting here gushing about how great he is) was to talk about the highs and lows of getting a puppy, as well as a few things to note if you're thinking of doing the same.

So, a bit of a back story; I'd wanted a pug for what felt like forever, but in 2013 I stumbled upon Tako on Instagram and knew I needed one of these funny faced little friends first. I spent years planning, but with being at uni and living in rented housing, I could never take the plunge. Low and behold, whilst doing my weekly rounds on websites for Brussels Griffons, I found two lil lads in need of a new home. I rang my mum, flapping and of course was told not to be so ridiculous. Three weeks later, Pepe was in the back of my car on the way back to London. 
*I'm going to pop in here that I was comfortably self employed at this point!

It all sounds pretty romantic, and to be honest it was. I've grown up with dogs so knew what to expect, and obviously I have had Bear for five years so was used to some responsibility, but then the reality of suddenly having a tiny furry puppy that needed constant love and affection hit. Having a dog is very different to a cat, it's a lot more work, a lot more walks and a fair amount more poop (sorry). 
Things to consider when thinking if a puppy is right, right now:
  • Can you be with him/her a lot? Puppies get separation anxiety if left alone a lot and need to build a routine. Usually not possible without a dog walker, or someone to look after them if you're employed full time.
  • Are you ready to commit 10-20 years of your life? Nothing bothers me more than people getting pets for vanity reasons, and then later rehoming them or worse, abandoning them. They're a tiny member of the family and should be treated as such. As much as I'd like to have got rid of my sister, the premise is the same.
  • Can you afford to insure, feed and pay for all the miscellaneous costs that come with a puppy? They're definitely not cheap! Insurance is a must in my opinion, as well as picking good food based on their size and requirements etc.
They're a few things to think about if you're about to take the plunge, and they're all totally worth it for the endless love and accidents on the carpet, promise! Pepe is an absolute joy, and honestly just seeing the smile he puts on everyone's faces is so worth it. I can't take him anywhere without someone stopping us to say hello, even if he does often woof in their face.

Now onto the fun stuff! Petplan have given me the chance to giveaway a £150 Amazon voucher (lots of good dog things on there) to one of you guys! They're asking you to share your Pethood Stories and fill in the below form. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally I'll leave you with some of Pepe's finest moments. Enjoy!
Pepe x Petplan

This post is in collaboration but all love for small animals and views are my own!

lots of love xxx
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

five great things in 2018

Yay, a happy post! I thought Id'd get ahead of the new year posts and tell you about some nice things that have happened over the past year, as some of you might care.
1. I gave birth to my second son, Pepé. Lol ok I didn't birth him but he is my fur son. I brought this little bundle of constant pooping home in February and whilst it has been testing at times, he ultimately brings me (and everyone he meets) absolute joy.

2. Another new addition to the Meramo and pet clan was Kim. My new bff, lover and personal head massager. If you followed along through my dating woes, you'll remember I was very single, and whilst I did enjoy it, I'm very very very happy to have found a heck of a guy. He's very handsome too.

3. I made a real job and managed it for a year! Wahoo! Whilst I technically have been self employed since July 2017, 2018 marks my first full year going it alone. I'm very proud of myself, I've done some really cool campaign shoots for Oasis, spent a lot of time creating content with Josie and Niomi and all round had some laughs. It's been a good time.
4. I also think 2018 was the first year I really lived and did fun things. I went to lots of gigs, visited Scotland for the first time, took a trip with one of my best pals (blog post still to come from June lol) and generally said yes to doing way more. My M.E might be cursing me but I had a great time and I've got the battle scars, and a full sleeve of tattoos to prove it.
5. Way back in January I also started fresh in a new flat, on my own (before I found my flatmate!) and made a new home. I've always lived with friends or a boyfriend so it was a big change for me but I loved it in the end. I had so much freedom to do as I fancied, which worked well when saying yes to everything, but also just made me feel like an actual adult for the first time. It was kind of fun to stand on my own two feet for a while, even if I stand on Kim's a bit now.
So those were five good things that happened to me in 2018. I can't express how shit 2017 was for me, so I am bloody relieved to have had a fun year! Of course there was low points, but we don't need any doom and gloom here today so I won't go into them, plus you probably saw me moaning about them on Twitter.
What were your highlights of 2018?

lots of love xxx
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Friday, 23 November 2018

how to be savvy on Black Friday and my picks

So Black Friday - it's on lads. I try and use it for useful purposes, which I'm going to explain in this post for ya, as well as show you a few of my favourite pieces! I've also strewn a few little shoppable banners throughout the post so go wild!

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1. Only buy what you would full price
It's entirely not a bargain if you wouldn't have thought about purchasing it in the first place. Think carefully before you impulse buy and make sure you'll get your wear out of it. I like to see if it would go with at least four outfits before I purchase.

2. Use it for Christmas presents!
Black Friday is great for treating yourself, but also fab for sorting those Christmas presents (fairly) early! I always buy for my sisters, as well as my Mum as they're pretty hard to buy for full price and it's nicer to be able to get a bit more for your money!

3. It's great to get furniture/bigger items you've been saving for
Perfect if you've just moved etc, but with retailers such as MADE offering discounts - why wait?! Items such as furniture don't often get reduced as they're not seasonal so consider buying whilst the discount is high.

4. See if any luxury items on your wishlist are reduced
Again, make sure you wanted it in the first place but BF is a great time to make that big purchase you've been saving for. A new handbag, or a pair of shoes might have a couple of hundred pounds off, which is a huge saving for anyone!


& Other Stories 

A full list of discounts:

Some more of my top picks from my favourite retailers:

La Redoute


lots of love xxx
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