Friday, 31 October 2014

making it rain

shirt: missguided*
skirt: asos
bag: zara

Told you I'd kinda be back... Apologies that I apparently didn't fancy looking into the camera much. These photos were taken as it got dark so a lot of editing has made them SLIGHTLY less blue.
The name of the post is an ode to this song. Feelin' 14 again.

lots of love xxx
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Monday, 27 October 2014

kicking back/an update

Hey folks, just thought I'd do a little catch up post, as some of you might care where I've disappeared off to, and it gives me a chance to post some more personal (/reserved for Facebook) photos!

So, I won't apologise as most won't have even noticed, but I'm back at uni now and it's going well but has jumped straight into being full on as it's my 'last' year in effect. I'm actually quite enjoying it, and thinking of including slightly more work-based posts on here, some of my sketchbook if you're very lucky, but likely just mood boards and development if anyone fancies it.

I'm also at a new Topshop, as you may remember me saying. It's ok and I'm settled in now, it's just very exhausting working all weekend when I am at uni all week. I'm also filling in any gaps with applying for real-girl jobs for when I finish as I have a gap year to fill.

That brings me round to health, I have started to notice that my M.E is getting a little flustered in all this. I'm just at an all time tired point, which is to be expected, but I have to think of the long term implications. It's very frustrating and depressing having 0 energy ALL of the time, things like a night out can set me back for weeks. I'm going to concentrate on some R&R alongside all of it, keeping my days short and my nights early for a few weeks. I know it's mundane to hear people say they're tired, but I really am!

All of this has, naturally, meant that I've barely had any time to myself to photograph outfits etc. James has also been on tour so my mr photographer hasn't been to hand either. If I'm sitting on your brands item/s, I promise they will go up, and I'm sorry it's taking me so long... I'm getting there slowly, but surely.

I have done a few things in between, we have managed to re-book NYC for next April, yay! I also watched James complete Tough Mudder, get a new job and then celebrated the whole thing at the NFL game this Sunday. It was the best day ever, and I'm SO happy that the Superbowl falls on my 21st birthday!! I also managed to see James play with his new band, Ghostless for the first time. I've also tried to fit a few nights out in, as I don't ever get the chance to go out and socialise, and sometimes it's worth a few days in bed after. 

Overall I'm really happy at the mo, just a little stressed and a lot tired. So I just thought I'd let ya all know what was going on, 'cos that's what I do. Thanks for sticking around, will be back by the end of this week with an outfit!

lots of love xxx
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Friday, 17 October 2014

very vpl

shirt: misspap*
heels: asos
clutch: topshop

A really basic outfit, (do you not all read the word 'basic' with the sassy girl emoji in mind now?) with the worlds most see-through shirt. It was going to be a casual drinks outfit, but swiftly got put to the back of the wardrobe. I had to take my heels off and leg it back inside after these photos were taken as you could see my pants. Oops.
In other news, these are my new favourite shoes ever. I'm so done with little strappy stiletto heels, hello chunky friends.

lots of love xxx
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

checked off

trousers: girls on film*
shoes: topshop (lenka)
jacket: whistles

I'm sorry if the editing of these photos irritates you too, it's driving me absurd that they're so mismatched and ugly but this bad weather and my poor Photoshop skills don't bode well together.
Anyway, I've had these trousers for ages but been so busy that I've got a huge backlog of things to post about. What do you reckon? I love 'em.

lots of love xxx
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

gentle wave tutorial with ghd

the finished 'do'
ghd, so fab that my Mac kept correcting it to 'God'. Anyway, I was sent two appropriate products to create a loose wave tutorial, pretty much my standard hair-do. I've popped together a little photo by photo tutorial on how I created my messy waves, it also gave me some time to make some tacky gifs. What do you reckon?

Ok, so number one:

Firstly I prepped my hair by washing and conditioning, then towel dried and brushed through. I then applied ghd's Total Volume Foam*, and 'scrunched' as you probably did in year 8 of secondary school.

Step two:
Blow dry your hair thoroughly, and prep for using heat. I used the ghd Heat Protect Spray*

Step three:
A gif was actually the best way of explaining this, use a standard sized straightener to loosely curl your hair, be sure to hold them at an angle, not at 90 degrees as otherwise you will get a tight ringlet! Do this until you've done your whole head. I then curl my fringe the opposite way, so that it sits back a little.

Step four:
Brush out all of the curls to soften, otherwise you end up with dolly hair. I use my fancy 'You Suck' brush from Forever 21.

Step five:

 I then re-ringlet the whole lot, which makes the previous step seem pointless but it's not, promise. This just re-enforces the curl a little, so you don't just have a big puff of slightly wavy hair.

Step six:

Finally, use both hands to shake your hair up a little, it'll take out the tight curl you just made and make it look a little lived in. I really scruff it up and finish it with a bit of dry shampoo or texturing spray, as I don't like hair spray and it gives it a bit of grit.

So what do you think? I'm by no means a hairdresser, or photo retoucher judging by the million different backgrounds in these photos, soz! It's a great hairstyle for everyday, it's what I tend to do most days as it's pretty versatile. I make the curls a bit tighter if I want it to last longer, or I want to wear it on a night out.
Let me know if you try it out!
lots of love xxx
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