Monday, 11 December 2017

five good things

The Hox The Hox The Hox The Hox
Photos by Hannah, shot at The Hoxton Paris 

In the spirit of making positive changes and all that, I thought I'd dedicate a post to five things that are good right now.

1. my pals
Throughout all the shit this year, I realised I have some really good friends. I pride myself on being a good mate who'd do anything for you and it was so good to feel some luv back. Hannah has been a bloody red headed babe, Olivia is my ride or die for life and a few non internet friends who've just made my life that little bit sweeter. I love you and you're great. My wonderful Mumma has also been a gem, she deserves all the good things.

2. dating
A weird one, but I've been having so much fun dating! I've only had a few terrible ones but aside from that, meeting new people, getting butterflies and doing things my Mum definitely wouldn't approve of (and she's very chill) is so exciting. I've never experienced it before so it's all new and fun - I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon but I'm riding it out until then!

3. Bear
My little mate, Bear (my cat) has been such a saviour for me. I love him and he knows when I'm sad, I'm sure. He doesn't leave my side and he's got such a nice little squishy face and I love him even if he occasionally poops on the rug. He's currently curled up around my legs as I write this, such a good little pal.

4. internetting
Having no financial security is terrifying, and splitting up with my long-term ex was scary for that reason, but it's meant that I've thrown myself into my blog, youtube and other online things. I'm loving getting a routine sorted, meeting friends to shoot with all the time and keeping this little space going. It's really rewarding when people tell you you're doing a good job, and I had so many lovely girls getting in touch re: my long old being happy post and it was so reassuring to know I wasn't alone and hopefully help a few others out in my struggs.

5. new beginnings
So I've been looking for freelance jobs to sit alongside my blog - a bit more security, some new work friends and a new focus is everything I need right now. I'm also moving house again in January and for the first time ever, I've got to find a completely unknown flatmate to live with, which at first I was finding so so daunting but after scouring out who's about - there seems to be so many lovely girls in my exact position that are also looking so fingers crossed it could actually be exciting!
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What's making you happy?

lots of love xxx
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Monday, 27 November 2017

teddy bear

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Photos by Hannah

Hi, I'm Georgia and I live in this coat now. It's so so warm and soft and to be entirely honest with you, I've barely taken it off. It was also a whopping £20 too so entirely worth it.

In other news, I'm also fully obsessed with these boots after mentioning them in this wishlist video. I caved and bought them (ironically a week before Black Friday discounts) but I don't mind as I think they're super cool and I feel so badass when stomping around in them. Kinda like 2012 Georgia.

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lots of love xxx
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Sunday, 19 November 2017

christmas: gifting fragrance

Fragrance Direct Fragrance Direct Fragrance Direct
CHLOÉ signature eau de parfum and BOSS bottled tonic eau de toilette*

It's time guys, it's nearly Christmas and time to be inundated with gift guides! I'm particularly unbothered by the festive season this year, which is extremely unlike me but alas I do have people that I need to buy for. Cue Fragrance Direct getting in touch re:their gift edit and of course I jumped at the chance to work on the project - who doesn't like a new fragrance to try and it's potentially the perfect gift for everyone, ever.

I am hard to please when it comes to a new scent, so I rarely choose one without testing it or knowing someone that wears it. That being said, a lot of the fragrance's in FD's gift edit are classics and you'll no doubt know someone who wore it, or it'll be nostalgic for another reason and therefore a great present idea. I'm thinking to pop Marc Jacobs' Daisy on my Christmas list too as it's so timeless.

I decided to pick up Chloe's signature scent as a gift for myself as I remembered my Mum wearing it when I was little, plus the bottle and box are beautiful. It's really feminine and floral, and a very nice addition to my fragrance collection.

Gifting myself aside, I decided that a new scent would be a great gift for my Dad this year. He's been away for the past seven years so I've not had to buy him a Christmas present so I'm a bit out of practice! That and he's so not your typical socks/tie Dad. He's a cool Dad (hi, I know you'll be reading). I know that he's a fan of Boss fragrance in general so I opted for the Bottled Tonic as the sound of citrus notes sold me. It genuinely smells lovely, I'm not going to try and explain it because that'll be hilarious but either way - it's fresh and manly. Two things you probably want in a men's fragrance.

Essentially, and sorry if you're reading family, but they're all going to be getting fragrance this year. I've always been a bit of a sceptic re:buying scent as it's such a personal thing but with how descriptive the information on the site is, as well as the fact some are just so classic, you can't go wrong. Plus, it's nice to try something new once in a while!
Post in collaboration with Fragrance Direct, but fragrance love and picks are all mine!

lots of love xxx
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