Hi, I'm Georgia. I'm 25 and a graduate from LCF (twice over) with two degrees in Pattern Cutting and Womenswear.  I live in South West London with my cat, Bear and my dog, Pepé.

I'm a heavy metal enthusiast, who also has a penchant for 90's hip hop and grime. I like street food, particularly tacos and pizza, travelling and also love sewing - in case you didn't figure. Most of my spare time is spent on Pinterest or taking photos.
My life goals include owning a home with a mezzanine floor and exposed brick, in which many dogs live - wild I know.
I'm also half Italian, swear a lot and own more plants than I care to admit to. Joking, I'm really proud of my plants.

I think that's all there is to it, but please get in touch if you happen to have any burning questions. You can find all of my contact information here.